Our range of automated waste room equipment assists in the collection of waste or recycling being disposed of from the floors above via our chute. With optional compaction units available for higher waste generating developments, our equipment automatically changes bins as they are filled. Providing for a highly proficient collection facility, our equipment solutions save time and money over more traditional bin storage and service rooms on each floor and can reduce collection frequencies.
Standard systems available include our Linear Track and Carousel for 240, 660 or 1100 litre bins, holding up to 5 bins per unit and with optional compaction. Also available is our small Packer to suit 1.5 or 3 cubic metre containers and our Splitter discharge which is an effective solution for waste rooms with limited space for other equipment options.

Features and benefits

  • Simple operation with user friendly controls
  • Increased waste servicing efficiency for the development.
  • Automatic system control with manual override
  • Robust unit construction for long performance life
  • Low service and maintenance costs
  • Standard safety features for safe use
  • Quiet and efficient system operation
  • Maximise safety for residents, caretakers and collectors
  • Can suit low ceiling clearances
  • Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and Building Management System (BMS) integration


240L Carousel System

240L Linear Track System

660L Carousel System

660L Linear Track System

1100L Carousel System

1100L Linear Track System

EF NEUTRALIZEROur new Odour Control Unit.

Make sure your garbage room doesn't smell with the EF NEUTRALIZER!