As a result of the high volumes of waste generated from multi-level buildings, waste rooms with chutes often can be highly susceptible to overfilling and all the problems that come with it. For e.g. blockage, more wear and tear, infestation, and more risk with manual handling for workers. 

The solution for efficient operations in the waste room is automation, which moves bins in the proper position to collect waste. 

Our range of automated waste room equipment assists in the collection of the waste or recycling that gets disposed of from the floors above via our chutes. 

Moving bins after filling to prevent overfilling, maintain easy handling for workers, and reduce the touchpoints in-between to prevent the risk of injury and streamline waste removal. 


We offer two standard automated systems: 

     A linear track that shifts bins horizontally or vertically,

     And a carousel system that rotates bins.

Elephants Foot holds solutions for every waste room’s set of requirements with linear and carousel systems made for 240, 660 or 1100-litre bins. Holding up to 5 bins per unit. Every system also has a flashing rotating light that activates in operation for your workers’ safety.

As with all our garbage and recycling equipment at Elephants Foot, our waste room equipment will always be provided as a custom project tailored to your building and operational waste management plan’s needs.

Features and benefits

  • Simple operation with user-friendly controls
  • Increased waste servicing efficiency for the development
  • Automatic system control with manual override
  • Robust unit construction for long performance life
  • Low service and maintenance costs
  • Standard safety features for safe use
  • Quiet and efficient system operation
  • Maximise safety for residents, caretakers and collectors
  • Can suit low ceiling clearances
  • Computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) and Building Management System (BMS) integration


240L Carousel System
240L Linear Track System
660L Carousel System
660L Linear Track System
1100L Carousel System
1100L Linear Track System


Elephants Foot also offers additional accessory garbage disposal equipment to complete your custom equipment solution for waste distribution in the waste room. 

After contacting one of our consultants, we may suggest that you also consider installing a waste compactor, small packer or splitter discharge in the case you have a small waste room space. 

Our small packer suits 1.5 or 3 cubic metre containers.


Elephants Foot takes care of the design, planning, manufacturing and installation. While the expertise needed to select and implement the proper waste room equipment isn’t simple, we make sure the process is for our clients. 

Let us know what product you are interested in, or simply tell us about your requirements – and with some measurements on a site visit – we can take care of the rest. 

Our technicians always perform a full handover of every system, so you know exactly how to handle it and what to expect. We also offer continued support whenever you need it. 


After installing your new garbage and recycling equipment, you can rely on our technicians at Elephants Foot to look after your continued servicing needs. When blockage, wear and tear, or more significant damage happens, our support technicians can look after the repairs or equipment replacement

In case you need odour neutralisers or twine for your waste room, we offer these consumables too. 

We are your one-stop shop for all your waste room needs.