Start-to-finish single-waste solutions for every application

Our single chute system offers a practical solution for single stream waste (i.e. general waste) transfer in multi-unit and/or multi-level developments. Ideal for projects only requiring single waste disposal, this system is most effective when suitable space is available for mixed recycling receptacles (or bins) alongside the chute or within a bin storage or service room.

Single chutes are also a great solution for laundry transfer and collection in hotels, accommodation, aged care, and other commercial facilities.

Chute systems facilitate the centralised deposit, transfer and collection of waste, recycling and other materials (i.e. linen/laundry) in multi-storey developments. With a range of solutions available, Elephants Foot custom design the best chute system for project specific requirements, from multi-unit residential, mixed use and commercial developments, to hotels and student accommodations and other industrial facilities.

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Elephants Foot single waste chute systems are designed, manufactured and installed start to finish based on the requirements of our clients. In the case that you need assistance in understanding the waste disposal needs of your site, you can contact our waste consultants.

Our designs make it easier for users, with ergonomically placed and user-friendly hopper doors that only unlock and open when not in use by another user.

  • Stainless Steel, Galvanised Steel or LLDPE
  • Standard 510mm Ø and 600mm Ø in all material types
  • Custom sizes available
  • Self-closing hopper doors (fusible-link) in the case of a fire
  • 2 hour fire rating

Single garbage chute systems work best when you have an excess of a single waste stream such as construction waste, general garbage or recyclable cardboard.

In addition to our single chute systems, we offer dual chute systems for an efficient mixed waste disposal system (e.g. general garbage and recycling). We also provide further waste management equipment such as balers, compactors and bin lifts to support a multi or single waste system.


Laundry chute systems can also be a vital addition in hotel, aged care facilities and hospitals. It provides a quick way for careers or staff to move towels and beddings to the laundry washing room, without exposing other guests to the linens. Which can be unsightly, messy, or in other cases, spread harmful microbes. With a linen chute system, your staff will simply need to put linens in a bag and drop them through the chute.

Elephants Foot single chute systems for waste or linens also have a full diameter vent to help relieve odours and bacteria into the top atmosphere.


At the end of your single waste system installation, we provide continued service and support. We recommend scheduling a preventative maintenance and cleaning service for single waste garbage chutes twice a year.

Our specialists can also provide odour management solutions, chute repairs in the case of wear and tear or blockages, hopper door inspections for safety and waste management consumables from our shop.

Don’t know where to start for your site’s single waste-stream system? Contact us and we’ll talk with you about your current waste disposal process to see if a single chute system would be beneficial for your building’s needs.