Elephants Foot’s Carousel System is a versatile waste handling solution for many types of multi-storey or multi-level developments. The Carousel System collects waste or recycling being disposed from the floors above through the chute system, discharging the material via a hopper that feeds the bins positioned on the unit.
Electromechanically driven with automated operation, the Carousel System automatically replaces full bins by a revolving circular platform. Once all the bins on the system are filled, an indicator light will illuminate signifying that the bins are ready for withdrawal and collection. Available with or without compaction unit, our Carousels come suited for 240L, 660L and 1100L mobile garbage bins.


EF 240L Carousel System
EF 660L Carousel System
EF 1100L Carousel System

EF NEUTRALIZEROur new Odour Control Unit.

Make sure your garbage room doesn't smell with the EF NEUTRALIZER!