Maintain Hygienic Environments With Elephants Foot's Bin Linear System

Elephants Foot’s Linear System is a versatile waste handling solution for many types of multi-storey or multi-level developments. The Linear Track System collects waste or recycling being disposed from the floors above through the chute system, discharging the material via a hopper that feeds the bins. Electromechanically driven with automated operation, the system utilises linear motion to automatically replace bins once filled. Once all bins are full, an indicator light will illuminate, signifying that the bins are ready for withdrawal and collection. Available with or without compaction unit, our Linear come suited for 240L, 660L and 1100L mobile garbage bins.


EF 240L Linear Track System
EF 660L Linear Track System
EF 1100 Linear Track System

Why Use Elephants Foot’s Bin Linear Track System?

Save time and money on the important but easily overlooked task of changing the chute bins over when full—which neither building managers nor cleaners want to do. 

Changing bins requires time to go down to the waste room and complete a singular mission, that could otherwise be put to use doing other important tasks in batches to ensure the building remains clean and tidy. Even when cleaners dedicate time to change over bins at the end of a waste chute, your waste management system simply will not be as effective as an automated linear track that moves bins over once full (you may be wasting bin space or over-filling).

Elephants Foot’s linear track systems ensure bins are moved and switched over when exactly needed to make your overall waste management strategy more efficient: 

Versatile Adaption

Regardless of your multistory property’s design, our system can be adapted to suit your needs. We have a range of chutes, track systems and collectors that can work with any building.

For instance, if your building has a complex design, you should consider our bin carousel system, which is electromechanical driven. You can use the system in conjunction with our bin linear system to collect all your property’s wastes effectively.

Eliminate Odour

Nobody wants to live on a property with a bad smell. With our system, you can eliminate odours by preventing rubbish from building up in bins.

You can also check out our odour control products to help keep your property smelling fresh.

Easy to Use

The bin track system reduces the physical tasks of waste management that can lead to injury. As an electromechanically driven system, the movement of large skip bins are driven with a simple touch of user-friendly controls and buttons. 

The automation of our linear waste systems also mean that they do most of the work for you with trash collection. They easily discharge from the tracks for withdrawal and collection, and can easily be manually overridden for safety. 


Our systems are much more cost-effective than hiring additional staff to manage your property’s waste. 

Not to mention again, it’s a more efficient way of collecting rubbish. You can save money on labour costs and have peace of mind knowing that your property has an effective waste management system.

If you’re looking for an effective and affordable way to manage waste, look no further than Elephants Foot’s bin linear system. Our team of experts will work with you to tailor a solution that meets your needs. Contact us today to learn more.