Chute blockage is often a result of tenants putting things in the garbage chute that it was not made for.

Rubbish chutes can take general household rubbish such as loose cans, wrappers and small garbage bags. However, when tenants throw pizza boxes, Christmas trees, protruding objects or large garbage bags that don’t easily travel through the chutes, the result is rubbish chute blockage. Something that must be dealt with urgently.

Not just because of the bad odours from the chutes and inconvenience, but because any build-up can easily become a hazard in any residential and/or rise building.

If not looked after timely, chute blockage can lead to these issues for your property and tenants:

  • Infestation from pests and vermin
  • Increased fire risk
  • Diseases carrying germs spread through the chutes to the building
  • Bad odours wafting through the property, affecting air quality

Elephants Foot specialists swiftly move to resolve the matter for all our clients with our proficient garbage chute unblocking. Our quality services will ensure that any chute unblocking is undertaken promptly in a safe and responsible manner, to leave you with clear waste chutes without any damage to the system.

Our skilled technicians are fully trained and experienced with the most trusted tools to do the job in this industry. Therefore, our clients trust us well for their garbage chute unblocking. They can effectively identify the area of the blockage and promptly remove the offender. Before finally testing your chute system to ensure your tenants will have no further problems from a build-up.

At the end of our service, our garbage chute unblocking specialists will also provide you with a full report. We list the prior conditions of the chutes, the steps we took to resolve the matter before presenting you with the photographic evidence of the now clean and unblocked garbage chutes.

In addition to our bin chute unblocking, we also endeavour to give full service care to clients with our chute cleaning and if needed, odour management solutions. In the case that there is another problem with your trash chutes, or they regularly are giving your tenants problems, you can also call Elephants Foot for our preventive maintenance programme or fast chute repairs.

We’ll ensure that your strata, contractor or property management obligations are met for residential buildings and that your tenants are kept happy and healthy.

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