EF Neutralizer

Living or working in an environment contaminated with harsh, intrusive odours degrades quality of life and can pose significant health risks.

No matter the source of odour, EF Neutralizer can reclaim quality of life. A powerful odour air treatment for killing bacteria from the source, using highly innovative technology to quickly eliminate these odours. It will also leave your chute smelling fresh and clean by one of our long-lasting essential fragrances.

Elephants Foot odour control systems neutralise odour from the source, killing the odour creating bacteria. Applying stringent cleaning techniques and air sterilisation methods, our system will leave your building smelling fresh.

Why Buy It?

  • Cost-effective way to eliminate odours and bacteria.
  • Elephants Foot can customise and offer a variety of scents to suit customer needs.
  • Minimal space required for machine to operate.
  • Safe living and working environment.
  • Long-lasting and reliable
  • Prevent sickness by eliminating conditions that are potentially hazardous to health

Comes with:
– 3 months Aroma supply
– Chute connection & accessories
– 12 months replacement warranty
– Eligibility for 10% off next 12 months aroma supply

Optional Extra:
– Installation costing $199.95 (Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane Metro ONLY)

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  • Safe, cleaner and healthier environment to live and work in
  • Deters fruit flies
  • Essential oil used
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Eliminates garbage and foul-smelling odours
  • Provide different scents to suit customer needs
  • Self operating diffuser machine which are the most cost- effective aroma marketing solutions.
  • Not only removes bad odour but also helps in eradicating the bacteria responsible for the problem.
  • Prevents sickness by eliminating conditions that potentially hazardous to health.
  • It makes your property free of bacteria and helps in maintaining its market value.