All-Inclusive Waste
Chute System Services

Elephants Foot are masters of waste management and circular waste management. What we have developed through over 40 years in the industry, we take with us in skill, knowledge and expertise to our waste chutes.

Through developing robust and highly technological waste chute systems, our technicians pride themselves on championing the highest standards in solutions that look after the earth.

Elephants Foot waste chutes are set apart from the rest –

  • Convenient and user-friendly use
  • Designed with odour release vent on the roof for air quality
  • Reliable air deodorisation solutions available for freshness
  • Fire rated, anti-combustible rectangular waste chutes for fire safety
  • Quality stainless steel waste chutes that are suitable for industrial use
  • Comprehensive aftercare services

Custom Planning for Every Client

EF workers design, manufacture and install custom planned waste chute systems for a variety of clients, across many industries. With our resources, skilled team and in-depth experience we can create simple single chute systems, or waste chute systems with 2, 3, or 4 chutes for a more complex solution.

We deal in not just durable garbage chute systems for homeowners, strata managers, hotels, worksites and high rise buildings, but we provide comprehensive solutions to deal with almost any type of waste; garbage, recycling, linens, etc.

Talk to our technicians if you are looking for a single garbage waste chute for general household waste, or multiple waste disposal chutes to address the unique disposal needs of your site (such as different chutes for circular waste.)

Why Waste Chutes?

Waste chutes use gravity to allow trash to drop from your suite to large garbage bins they are installed to hover over below. When you are the owner of a tall commercial building, the manager of a hospital or hotel, in charge of looking after waste disposal in a construction site, or the owner of a multistorey home, then waste or bin chutes are the simple answer for quickly, safely and conveniently moving all your waste to the ground floor.

Addressing Concerns in Hygiene and Safety

  • A fusible link, that melts in high temperatures, shuts the discharge door to stop a fire from spreading up bin chutes
  • We recommend chute cleaning once every 6 months or 1 year, depending on how often residents use the rubbish chutes (for hygiene, pest control and fire safety)
  • Additionally, do call us in any case of blockage or disrepair
  • We also provide preventative maintenance servicing plans to catch any wear or tear before it becomes a problem

Hire the Experts for your Bin Chutes. Our staff at Elephants Foot are always ready to help. Call 1300 435 374.

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