Linen chute systems make a great investment into your building whether you own a two or three storey home and want to make laundry days easier, or you are in charge of managing the logistical needs of a hotel or hospital.

Designed, taking natural gravity in mind, we at Elephant’s Foot create linen chute systems that are intuitive to use. The linen chutes our experts’ design, manufacture and install are also stocked with all the features that make your linen removal strategy hygienic and safe.

Simply worry about opening the linen chute doors and placing dirty blankets, pillowcases, etc. inside to be delivered quickly to the ground or basement floor for cleaning. Now you can keep all your corridors, staircases, lifts and bedrooms clean.

Our chute technicians, through consultation to completion, guided walkthroughs and repairs will take care of the rest.

Linen Removals with Discretion

In a hotel or hospital environment, you want as little disruption as possible to your guests or workers. In these busy logistics packed workspaces, there’s often little time to waste. Elephant’s Foot linen chute systems streamline the process with a wide, out of sight and out of mind main channel so linen removals don’t become another time-intensive task in your building.

Installing a linen chute for your hotel or hospital is also the professional way of caring for your guests; so that you don’t inconvenience them or risk their safety with undue contaminants in linens left behind by other guests. 

Eliminate Fire & Air Quality Risk

Using fire rated intake doors, strong stainless steel, internal fire sprinklers, and a fusible link at the discharge door to stop a fire from the bottom room travelling up the chute, our linen chute systems are made to help suppress fire risk in a building in the case of an emergency.

Lastly, with a full diameter vent, exhaust fans and cleaning sprinkler heads, our systems also moderate the internal air quality within our laundry linen chutes to ensure air quality is safe and consistent throughout the building.

What Makes Elephants’ Foot Chutes Different?

Working with the experts in waste management chutes, Elephant’s Foot makes the entire process of setting up a linen chute system in your building easy:

  • Modern linen chute designs with quality features for efficiency, safety and convenience
  • Long lasting, durable and stabilised system builds
  • State of the art sanitisation

On top of our consultations for customised linen chute systems, you can turn to us for chute cleaning, odour management, preventative maintenance and repairs. We’re a one-stop-shop at Elephants Foot, for all your chute service care.

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