No one wants to live next to an industrial waste plant or a facility processing a large amount of waste. The assumption is the terrible odour from stored waste.

A clever odour management plan can take care of this. Whether through using a deodorizer system, odour eliminator or exercising careful strategies that restrain particles that leave stored waste so that there is less occurrence of odour in the air, EF’s innovative solutions will help you manage air odour and keep your neighbours happy.

Removing Odours From The Source

Eliminating odours from your waste chute systems or storage facilities might sound like an unlikely affair, but odour doesn’t just ‘happen.’ Our specialists identify wherein the process of waste decay happens and how, which has allowed us to create an approach that gets right to the source.

Our approach

At EF we have focussed on creating a streamlined, multi-targeted approach to take care of all your concerns with your building’s waste management odour.

  • Environmentally Friendly
    We use essential oils, not hazardous chemicals, that bond with the molecules of odours. Once these bonds are made, the molecules are made into ‘non-volatile compounds’ which means they can no longer vaporise or move through the air.
  • Bacteria Free
    Our technology helps eradicate bacteria and bacteria spread to make your building a healthy environment that’s safer for everyone. Many odour management solutions may focus on the bad smell odour has, instead of the source. With our approach, your premises are really left fresh and clean.
  • Cost-Effective
    Our neutralising air freshener is designed with a self-operating diffuser, one of the best cost-saving approaches for odour management.
  • Different Scents for Your Preference
    Select between different scents for the aroma based on your preference.

Contact the Experts in Waste Odour Management

We have helped many building managers and operators implement a comprehensive approach to eliminating odours, reducing odour causing bacteria and making their building a safer place to reside or work. Which inevitably has also helped them maintain the market value of their property.

As experts in waste management solutions for over 40 years, we are dedicated to providing the best services to look after our clients.

Contact us if you have an inquiry for a complete deodorizer system, chute cleaning or chute blockage care.

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