Semi-Automatic Baler

The Elephants Foot Waste Compactor horizontal balers cater towards high volume customers. Our units can produce anywhere from 200kg bale to 1 tonne bale for export of recyclables.

Fully automatic compaction operation with a manual tie up to ensure your machine is working hard for you.

Elephants Foot Waste Compactors will also offer our customers additional features like bin lifters and conveyor belts to assist the operators.

Semi-Automatic Balers

Semi-automatic balers are balers that need to be manually loaded and tied up. Our Semi Automatic Horizontal Balers at Elephants Foot produce dense, high-quality mill-size bales to help ensure maximum rebate in every bale sale.

Discover the difference in the unique double-cutting design of all our bales, which more effectively reduces recyclable waste down to size.

Elephants Foot also offers additional features like bin lifters and conveyor belts to assist  operators.


Our semi-automatic balers are easy to use and require minimal training. Simply load the waste into the baler (which can be made simpler with a bin lift or conveyor belt), close the door, and press a button to start the compaction process. The baled waste is then tied off and ready for disposal.


Specialized in recycling and compressing the loose materials like plastic film, PET bottles, plastic pallets waste paper, cartons, cardboards trims/scraps, etc.

Densely Packed Bales in Every Compaction

If you’re looking for an efficient and reliable waste management solution, look no further than a semi-automatic cardboard baler. These machines are designed to automatically compress waste materials into dense, mill-size bales, making them easier to handle and transport. They can compact more than just cardboard; plastic, paper and other loose recyclable materials.

This lets your operators and baling machine to waste less energy and time on baling recyclables to meet your bale requirements. 


Our semi automatic waste balers are designed to help make the recycling process at your facilities more efficient. This allows warehouses, distribution centres, shopping centres and production facilities to easily store and send off recyclable waste to recycling plants. Turning an easy route to mess into extra money on the side. 

Like automatic balers, our semi automatic balers are automatically operated for high performance compaction. How they differ is that they require an operative to load in recyclable waste and manually tie up the bales.

Semi-Automatic Baler Aftercare Services

Getting a semi automatic waste baler from Elephants Foot gives you access to the high level attention of baler and after care services that assists your business to continue running. We recommend a scheduled maintenance program after every installation to help tune up your machine and ensure that any wear and tear doesn’t progress into larger faults or drops in performance. 

However, our technicians can also come to your location on demand to repair any problems with your compactor or baler.

How a Semi-Automatic Baler can work in your waste management plan?

Relying on years of experience and expertise as a waste management equipment company, we’re able to provide you with consulting to ensure your workplace meets certain regulatory standards. Our consultants can assist you in recommending a suitable baler to optimise your waste room and storage space. 

Need something special?

If you have cause for concern about a high volume of specified waste your company produces, please contact us. Our waste management experts can create a specialised order for handling equipment tailored to the special requirements your facilities require.

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