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Waste Compactors are an effective solution of reducing waste costs and collection frequencies. With a range of sizes and functions available to meet your waste and recycling needs. From bin compactors to large hook-lift compactors, we have the right unit for you

Elephant Foot Stationary Compactor for Effective Waste Management

Proper waste management is crucial today more than ever. As a result, industry players are constantly looking for ways to manage their waste better. One option individuals are turning to for effective waste management is stationary compactors.

Stationary compactors are made to meet the needs of different facilities that generate waste. They can help process a large volume of trash, paper, cardboard and other waste. They are also suitable for distribution centres, malls, retail outlets and manufacturing plants.

Elephant Foot offers one of the best stationary compactors for Australian residents. You can use it to compact high volumes of dry waste like plastic, timber and cardboard. Our stationary waste compactor features efficient processing capabilities that lead to large volume reduction of waste. As a result, you save time and energy that you could have otherwise used on collection and transportation.

Why Choose Our Stationary Compactors?

When you decide to purchase our stationary trash compactor, you are buying more than just a piece of equipment. We’ve designed our units to offer various benefits to users. Here is why you need Elephant Foot’s stationary compactor:

Optimal Performance

All our waste management tools have leading industry technology. The stationary compactor features an electrically driven motor to ensure you get the best from this system. It is also fitted with a unique paddle system that supports its functionality.

Long Lasting

We wouldn’t want you to waste your money on a unit that will need repairs or replacement for a short time. That is why we have designed our stationary compactor with durability in mind. All our models include high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear. So, expect years of service with our model.

Variety to Choose From

Our stationary compactors come in different sizes and variants. Therefore, you can choose the right one depending on your specific site requirement and waste streams. They are also manufactured to suit various loading configurations.

Compact Design

If you are hoping to save space, our stationary industrial compactor is what you need. It is designed to occupy the least space and reduce overall footprints. We’ve also customised it to accommodate space constraints, which make it suitable for places with limited site accessibility.

Saves Time and Labour

Elephant’s Foot stationary compactor reduces onsite storage. Plus, it processes waste quickly and efficiently as it moves continuously. Not to mention it comes with various loading options. All these features reduce the energy and time you spend on waste management. 

Get the Elephant Foot Stationary Compactor Today

If your industry produces a lot of dry waste and recyclable materials, our stationary compactor is an essential piece of equipment for your site. It will save time, space and labour. But above all, it will keep your environment clean. Contact us today for the best deal on stationary compactors.

Need something special?

If you have cause for concern about a high volume of specified waste your company produces, please contact us. Our waste management experts can create a specialised order for handling equipment tailored to the special requirements your facilities require.

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