Baler &
Compactor Service

Make sure that your recycling and waste compacting equipment stays in excellent operation. Hire weekly, monthly or annual maintenance based on your equipment’s needs.

Elephants Foot’s Baler & Compactor Service gives you the following benefits:

  • Equipment downtime is decreased
  • The number of major repairs are reduced
  • Increased life expectancy of assets, thereby eliminating premature replacement of machinery and equipment
  • Improved safety and quality
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Prevent delays and not increase waste clutter
  • Increase Productivity and save on waste collection fees
  • Increase companies sustainability initiatives

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Preventative Maintenance
Baler and Compactor Services

It’s a common saying: prevention is more effective than a cure.

At Elephants Foot, we also take this proactive approach with preventative maintenance services for balers and compactors. We recommend servicing your baler or compactor at least once a year to ensure that any wear and tear is corrected before it progresses to larger faults or damage.

We also top up balers and compactors with an anti-corrosion and anti-microbral enamel coating to protect against contaminants.

Fast Emergency Repairs

In the cause of a fault, we understand how important it is to have a specialist on the scene on demand. Elephants Foot specialists can be there promptly in the case of any faults or emergency break down to rectify the issue.

Baler Servicing – With the proper maintenance and use, Elephants Foot balers should operate efficiently well beyond 10 years.

We go over all parts of your baler in servicing. Starting from looking over and inspecting all parts of the machinery, to ensuring that your baler machine is properly cleaned and oiled, the correct pressure is put on the ram in use, and that everything else is in proper working order.

Other common issues that our specialists look after for baler maintenance:

  • Replace broken gear with high quality spare parts
  • Efficient wire tier channel
  • Recycling equipment repair

Compactor Repair Services – Elephants Foot general waste and bulk compactors can also be expected to last 10+ year with proper servicing and care. Our service trucks will get to your premises promptly, so that your compactor is working properly again in excellent operating conditions. We also take and leave you with a report so that you can be properly informed about your trash compactor repair.

There’s no need to worry about hiring a compactor repair service multiple times to get your equipment fixed.

  • Replace broken components with high quality spare parts
  • Oil analysis
  • Inspect hydraulic fluid for hydraulic systems

Save Money By Planning Now

Prevent breakdown and larger damage by scheduling your annual or 6 month service now for your baler or compactor. Proper servicing ensures that your baler and stationary compactors work safely in operation for years to come. We can also provide you a customised service plan for weekly, monthly or annual maintenance, depending on your  waste processing needs.

Our specialists at Elephants Foot are dedicated to ensuring that you get the best service care and advice. To ensure that your waste management equipment is properly cared for.

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