Baler &
Compactor Service

When your equipment starts to break down, you need a solution. When it’s waste compacting equipment, you need a solution fast. Having waste lying around is unsanitary and unhealthy.

That’s why our technicians are available to take on your compactor and baler repairs quickly. Reach out to Elephants Foot as soon as you see a problem, and we’ll send our team to help.

Our operators and repair team are fully trained in baler services and compactor services and have all the tools needed to look after your balers and waste compactors. Call us for repair or regular maintenance, and we will quickly get the job done so you can continue with trash disposal as needed.

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Schedule Your

Keep your equipment in tip-top shape by setting a regular maintenance schedule. By doing this, you can limit the need for emergency repairs and keep your waste management systems running smoothly.

Scheduling regular repair has the following benefits:

  •     Decreased equipment downtime
  •     Reduce repairs
  •     Increase the life of your equipment
  •     Improve safety
  •     Increase sanitation
  •     Save on waste collection fees
  •     Increase sustainability initiatives

The Elephants Foot Gold Standard

Our baler maintenance and compactor maintenance lead the industry. As specialists in the repair and maintenance of waste management equipment, we bring a high level of professionalism to everything we do.

When we do your scheduled maintenance or repairs, we only use high-quality replacement parts and materials. We offer emergency services repairs and complete baler and compactor repair and maintenance.

With over 40 years of industry experience Australia-wide, Elephants Foot works hard to give you the highest levels of customer service and to ensure that all your equipment is working at its best.

If you are having issues with your compactor or baler continually breaking down, call our technicians today. We can help you with all your baler and compactor services.

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