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About Us

Elephant Foot

Founded in 1976, Elephants Foot Waste Compactors prides itself in being a highly recognisable global leader in manufacturing waste reduction and recycling equipment.

Our concept and wealth of industry knowledge enables us to customise and modify all our equipment to the customers unique specifications.

While we are exceedingly committed to quality and service, Elephants Foot not only dominates its market share through its excellence in reputation but also is more “Customer Motivated” than ever before.

Having maintained an extensive range of products, the networking relationship we share with our collection agents negotiates the finest and competitive terms for our customers.

At present, our premium quality brand has strengthened our exporting market which is experiencing a robust & sturdy growth to all parts of the world. As we embark on mastering the revolution of recycling, the positive impacts to the environment have visibly begun to make a significant difference. As we are one of very few waste and recycling manufacturers in Australia, we intend to pass on the relevant savings to our customers.

Facts About Elephant’s Foot

  • 100% Australian owned since 1976
  • Extensive range of products and custom built machines to suit each and every situation
  • Leading global designers , manufacturers & distributors of waste management equipment
  • Offering cost-effective solutions to customers via our user friendly & environmentally sound   equipment
  • Elephants Foot currently assists its customers in  reducing their waste costs by up to 75%