Are you submitting a Development Application (DA)? This is the service for you!

Throughout Australia you will typically require a Waste Management Plan, our specialised team of consultants will work alongside you every step of the way…

Planning a Development Application?

Throughout Australia, local governments typically require an OWMP to be submitted as part of a Development Application (DA) to maintain efficient waste handling and sustainability in the building.

Collectively, our team of consultants have prepared thousands of successfully delivered OWMP’s to our clients across Australia. With over 40 years of experience, we have worked on a variety of projects, ranging from multi-unit residential and mixed-use developments to other commercial and industrial facilities including hotels, hospitals, and universities.

Addressing OWMP requirements

New developments require an operational waste management plan to let the council know that tenants or operators will be able to maintain best-practice across the building.

An operational waste management plan consists of these requirements:

  • Identify different waste streams that need to be collected and processed (such as general waste, paper, glass, plastic, etc)
  • Identify at least one waste stream that can be recycled and provide a method to recycle
  • Outline the different responsibilities, procedures and roles needed for this plan
  • Identify the plan’s objectives and set out measurable targets to divert waste from landfill
  • Identify applicable bins for these diverting and processing procedures
  • Outline plan to monitor procedures for waste and recycling streams and measure these by weight
  • Create an integrated review process to assess the successfulness of the OWMP and to make improvements based on learned insights

The reason that there are so many components when it comes to a plan is that there are many operators that are involved or needed to ensure proper compliance to ensure a healthy and clean environment.

Why Best Practice Matters

The proper disposal of waste across new establishments, especially for larger developments, is important to everyone which is why this process exists. Improper waste management and disposal mean more waste ends up in the landfill than need be, soil or surrounding natural life is harmed, and there is more pollution that bothers the nearby environment.

For these reasons, hiring the right waste auditor is critical as bad planning has far-reaching effects.

Why Hire our Waste Management Consultants?

An auditor who is knowledgeable in operational waste management planning will ensure that the process only needs to be conducted once by ensuring everything is up to code.

Our waste management plan consultant can look after this process for you to make sure that your future operational waste management plan is optimal for your future tenants or operators who will stay in your facilities. And more immediately, that the waste management plan meets all your local council’s requirements so that you don’t have to wait longer in the approval process or attempt it several times.

Here for the Long Run

It’s important that you get this right as it is something that will affect your building and many people’s lives for years to come. We will also be there to help assist you in review stages, through our services, to help make suggestions that are in line with the plan’s mission so that you can reach your waste diversion targets.

As waste audit or waste management professionals, it’s important to us that you get the information and support that you need. We work together with our clients, and will with you to understand as much as we can about your business’s waste management and removal needs. After all, we only have one earth, therefore, it’s important to us that we all take care of it together.

As waste management plan consultants we have been providing consulting for construction waste management plans as well as chute systems.


Review the architectural plans


Provide preliminary feedback


Liaise with Council and other relevant stakeholders


Provide one comprehensive Draft Operational Waste Management Plan


Liaise with the architect to ensure plans are consistent with the OWMP


Finalise OWMP to be submitted as part of the Development Application

Contact The Team

If you are anticipating to lodge an upcoming Development Application with a local council and require a Waste Management Plan or if you require an assessment of existing operations, feel free to contact us on the details provided below.