Operational Waste Management Plan (OWMP)

For Development Application

Are you submitting a Development Application (DA)? Throughout Australia, local governments typically require an OWMP to maintain efficient waste handling and sustainability in new sites.
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Prior to demolition and commencing construction on your new site, you will require a C&D WMPs to ensure
that waste and recycling will be managed efficiently.
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Green Star

For Existing Buildings

As a proud member of the Green Building Council of Australia, our specialised team of consultants can assist you to achieve the Operational Waste Credits for Green Star Applications.
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Operational Site

For Existing Buildings

After the design and construction of your project is complete, sometimes there are a few operational hurdles to overcome. Your waste strategy and process might not be going to plan. We can help!
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Elephants Foot has continuously been working behind the scenes with our clients to provide operational waste management in Australia, innovative chute solutions, and service maintenance to assist new developments through the development application (DA) process.

By utilising our years of industry experience, relationships and networking, we have been able to contribute in ensuring new developments comply with local government requirements on waste management.

With extensive senior experience and expertise in environmental and business disciplines, the Elephants Foot team is well equipped to assist in a range of waste, recycling and resource management disciplines.

We help businesses of all industries and sizes rethink their waste management, achieve cost savings and improve operational efficiency and environmental outcomes.

As part of our services, we aim to educate all clients and provide them with invaluable information to make informed decisions on how they can best manage their waste output, and find value in waste management. We push for the importance of the circular economy- an economy that eradicates excess waste through innovative design, or when a client’s waste by-product is the input to another industry.

While we primarily service businesses throughout NSW, we also collaborate with businesses interstate.

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Waste Management Plans Complete

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Additional Services

Design & Support

Our team can assist you with designing and laying out your waste handling systems, this includes; Chutes, compactors, bins, carousels and linears into a feasible & functional layout.

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We can simplify the disposal methods of general waste and recyclable material.Our signage, along with educational materials are multilingual and can support people of many backgrounds.


We are a nationally recognised leader in operational waste management. We work closely with councils and environmental authorities and have developed relationships that facilitate the efficient delivery of information for a successful development.

Education Strategies

Education is one of the main factors to effective waste management. Our education programs aim to increase understanding of waste management strategies for building management, maintenance/cleaning staff.

Work Shops

Workshops can be designed toward addressing site-specific issues, attaining specific goals, and/or obtaining more knowledge for staff.


The quality customer service, timely responses and attention to detail is always valued. We look forward to continuing our relationship and thank the team for their efforts to date.


Tony Owen Partners

Elephants foot are our preferred waste consultant. Their reports are more reflective of the market, they are fast, affordable and reliable.

Tony Owen Partners


Elephants Foot consistently deliver reliable waste systems across all our projects. It’s a luxury to have a contractor like Elephants Foot who can complete projects without issues. Their site teams are self sufficient and project managers complete all relevant certification without delay. Their experience in the industry is a real asset on any project.


Meet Our Team

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Consultancy Manager

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Consultancy Manager

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Business Development Manager

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Consultancy Administrator

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If you are anticipating to lodge an upcoming Development Application with a local council and require a Waste Management Plan or if you require an assessment of existing operations, feel free to contact us on the details provided below.