Chute systems, compaction and handling equipment are essential for waste and recycling handling multi-storey apartment buildings, commercial and industrial facilities. As these equipment solutions are a considerable investments, regular preventive maintenance is essential, and our maintenance programs ensures this happens.

Benefits of preventative maintenance:

  • Cutting out costly reactive repairs
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Prolonged life of equipment
  • Less unplanned failures
  • Ensuring effective equipment operations
  • Increase efficiency and productivity

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What is Preventative Maintenance?

You may be asking what exactly is preventative maintenance, and how does it differ from other types of service care?

Preventative maintenance is a type of programmed maintenance routine that helps eliminate surprise downtime that might otherwise cause an inconvenience to your facilities, especially in a time where your tenants or workers might need this equipment the most.

By scheduling maintenance through a preventive maintenance plan with waste chute service operators, you can prevent equipment failure during peak periods, reduce the severity of time consuming machine breakdown and better look after your equipment to ensure their long life and function.

It’s a proactive approach that lets us get ahead of any problems or faults before they happen. Reducing costs and unplanned downtime.

What Preventative Maintenance Entails

The types of preventative maintenance tasks included in every maintenance strategy are different. These tasks will depend on the type of waste your tenants throw out, the amount, the height and width of the chutes, and other defining factors of your system. However, each plan is created following industry standards to cover a thorough approach.

Our preventative maintenance checklist:

  • Inspection checks
  • Checking for blockages
  • Chute cleaning
  • Safety checks
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Conditioning monitoring
  • Replacing or repairing damaged components

Reactive Maintenance & Repairs

Other types of maintenance exist such as reactive maintenance, which is otherwise known as repairs, for periods you or someone else notices problems or signs of wear on the equipment.

The best preventative maintenance program will take cover both theses needs: preventative maintenance to look afer the life and efficiency of your equipment, as well as reactive maintenance to ensure that it does not remain in a state of breakdown for long.

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