Dual garbage chute systems are a fantastic investment in your property. These chutes eliminate the need for recycling bins to be stationed throughout your building, giving you additional storage space.

This system also rids you of the need to have your employees transfer the recycling from each recycling space to the central waste room. By reducing the need for staff to be moving waste and recycling around, you can put your people to work doing other necessary tasks.

They keep work areas tidy and allow for quick and hygienic removal of waste from your building.

The Unique Design

Our dual chute systems are a unique side-by-side single chute with only one shaft, specifically designed to dispose of multiple types of waste — both garbage and mixed recycling at the same time.

Designed with gravity in mind, at Elephants Foot, we create dual waste system chutes that are easy to use. We have created the ideal design and stocked it with features to make waste removal safe, clean, and sanitary.

The chute system controls and moderates air quality within the chute to ensure that hazardous, unsanitary smells and fumes are not coming back into your building. This keeps the air quality safe for breathing throughout.

Elephants Foot dual waste chute systems are made from high-quality stainless steel and have a link at the discharge door to prevent any waste fires from travelling up the chute from your waste pile. These chutes are designed to suppress fires in the event of an emergency. In addition, the vents have exhaust fans and sprinkler heads to prevent the spread of a fire.

The Elephants Foot Difference

Our technicians and other waste management experts will guide you through a consultation and give you a complete rundown and walkthrough of your system, designed for your unique building. We make sure the entire process of setting up your dual waste chute system is easy by:

  •     Creating modern designs stacked with features for sanitation and safety
  •     Building long-lasting, durable systems
  •     Being a partner each step of the way

You can also turn to us for chute cleaning, odour management, and repairs.
Contact us at Elephants Foot for all your chute system needs Australia-wide!