With a versatile range of bin lifters available, accommodating common sizes such as 120, 240, 660, 1100 & 1500 litre bins. Our bin lifters can be fixed to the ground or assembled with wheels for portability.

Our new addition ECO weighing bin lifter can also weigh your bins and provide you with detailed reporting on who has used the lifter, date, time and weights of each lift that can be accessed from the database.

Features and benefits

  • Save money by reducing the logistics of waste management
  • Eliminates the need for dangerous manual handling whilst increasing productivity
  • Monitor and control user waste disposal and recycling (ECO Bin Lifter)
  • Enclosed in an interlocked safety cage for advanced safety

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EF NEUTRALIZEROur new Odour Control Unit.

Make sure your garbage room doesn't smell with the EF NEUTRALIZER!