Waste Equipment

The heavy and harsh conditions to process recycling and waste can take a toll on your waste management equipment. Leaving your building with a faulty product that could lead to potential hazards for staff.

For this reason, having access to the right waste chute and equipment replacement parts is essential.

When something goes wrong with one of your machines, quality spare parts ensure repairs are done properly, and other issues don’t recur prematurely.

Garbage and recycling equipment will at times, require alterations to extend their lifetime, or boost their productivity.

As an industry leader, we place high priority on durability, safety, efficiency and quality service to ensure you experience the highest productivity with your waste equipment.

Elephants Foot has a proven track record of waste equipment replacement and modifications using quality materials, and innovative solutions:

  • Pause installations to assist with cleanliness, and protect staff from future hazards
  • Compaction equipment replacement
  • Restock and supply garbage chute components
  • Chute solutions – offset replacement and extensions
  • Replacement of damaged sections
  • Modification of old models to adapt to modern waste collection methods
  • Install restrictors to prevent oversize of waste input and output
  • Re-design and construction of waste equipment for unique installation requirements

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Why Quick
Replacements are Important

When you see spot damage or faults in your waste handling equipment it is important to report it to a waste company in Australia for inspections and possible replacement or repairs as soon as possible. Bulk waste equipment is heavyweight and involves handling many important factors to contain general waste and make removal more efficient. One of those primary factors being the waste.

Untimely waste equipment replacements or repairs can mean:

  • Unsafe work conditions for workers
  • Chutes more susceptible to leaks or blockage
  • Increase in odours, pests or bacteria
  • Environmental concerns

By getting on top of the matter sooner, you’re making sure that your tenants, workers and neighbours can be kept safe. In addition to maintaining a healthier and cleaner environment.

Training to Reduce Wear and Tear

Teaching your staff understand how to best handle waste equipment can reduce possible wear and tear. On top of inspecting your waste handling equipment and calling it in for a replacement when the time comes, we can assist the people in your building to learn how to best operate and maintain waste equipment. So that you can expect less damage.

The different types of waste and forces the equipment is exposed to, still means damage to your chutes and balers eventually. However, with the support of proper handling, you may reduce earlier wear and tear on your equipment, and consequently save more on costs.

Thorough Replacement Services

There’s nothing as frustrating as calling and paying for a service, then experiencing another equipment breakdown again in a few days.

When our specialists service, repair and replace your waste handling equipment, we always go about the process from top to bottom. We conduct a thorough inspection of all parts of the machinery, from the described fault, throughout the system to ensure that no other part of the system is affected or is left out from receiving a proper service.

So you can rest assured that everyone in your building can go back to business as usual.

High-Quality Replacement Parts & Equipment

  • Stainless steel
  • Compliant with highest safety standards
  • Range of waste and recycling handling solutions
  • Replacement parts for chutes, stationary compactors, bin tippers, bin lifters,
  • skip bins, and wheelie bins

Elephants Foot stocks a wide range of fire-rated, heavy-duty equipment for the disposal of waste. We design and manufacture chutes and diverters with joints we have welded or sealed shut ourselves. Additionally, we provide cost-effective rates for bin lifters and balers.

Get Waste Handling Equipment Advice

Looking after large solid waste handling equipment can sound like an intimidating matter. Thankfully, Elephants Foot waste management company in Sydney is filled with experts.

Contact our team for customer support for any gear inspections, consulting or maintenance services you require.

We can help lead you through complete waste management solutions for stationary compactors, bin tippers, skip bins, bin lifters and wheelie bins as one of the leading waste handling equipment manufacturers.

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