Integrated Augers

Used where large amounts of waste and recycling materials are generated. Highly mobile, Integrated Augers combine a powerful compactor unit, built into a robust bulk bin. Requiring no special installation, only power, Integrated Augers are simple and safe to operate.

Manage Your Waste With Elephants Foot Integrated Auger Units

Elephant Foot is the leader in technology and tools that can help with efficient and sustainable waste management. We know how important it is to keep our environment clean. We offer effective solutions that continuously set new industry standards. You can rely on our integrated auger system to process waste uninterrupted.

Our integrated auger is suitable for large waste volumes. It allows for both wet and dry streams thanks to the sealed compaction chamber. As such, you can use it for commercial centres, residential sites and industrial facilities.

Benefits of Elephant Foot’s Integrated Augers

Elephant Foot’s integrated waste auger allows for the uninterrupted loading of waste. It is a flexible system that can be configured to accommodate specific site demands. If you want to save time, labour and space, this compact integrated garbage auger might suit you. Besides being effective, it can help promote a clean and safe working environment. Rest assured that it is manufactured as per Australian safety standards.

Additionally, it’s been designed to ensure optimal performance, saves space and ensures your working environment is separated from exposed waste. Its inbuilt compact unit saves you the hustle of installation. As long as you have power, you can rely on our integrated recycling augers for waste management. Elephant Foot offers simple and safe-to-use systems. So, even non-tech-savvy individuals can use the integrated trash auger without trouble.

Why Use Elephant Foot Auger?

Our augers are designed to make work easy. They help in effective waste management without straining the operator. They are a worthwhile investment for health reasons. Besides that, they reduce the workforce required for waste collection, saving time for both contractors and customers.

If your home, company or facility generates large volumes of waste and recycling materials, you will appreciate having an integrated auger compactor. We’ve included an auto-reversing feature in our augers to save effort and time. Not to mention, they come with a low-level feed that allows for easy opening.

With this waste management equipment, we guarantee safety, efficiency and time-saving. Want to learn more about our integrated auger? Contact us today. Also, don’t hesitate to consult us if you have concerns about the waste volume your company produces. Our experts can guide you on the proper waste management plan, depending on your facility’s requirements.

Need something special?

If you have cause for concern about a high volume of specified waste your company produces, please contact us. Our waste management experts can create a specialised order for handling equipment tailored to the special requirements your facilities require.

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