Quality Waste Management Systems and Solutions

At Elephants Foot we provide our clientele with the highest quality in waste and recycling management solutions, such as Waste Consultancy, Recycling Equipment and Garbage/Recycling/Linen Chutes.

The extensive industry knowledge and experience we possess, all the way from street level up, has given us the ability to tailor the products we have on offer to suit any and all individual requirements that our customers may have; we work closely with you to determine exactly what it is you need and how to best sculpt a solution for you.

We cater to all types of customers, whether you’re a global company or a small business, or anything in between, and not only do we design, supply and install waste equipment, but we also maintain the equipment so you know you can always count on us.

The Elephants Foot Group


Waste Chute – Linen Chutes – Recycling Chute – Waste Handling Equipment – Carousel/Linear Compactors – Waste Room Designs and Solutions – eDiverter ® – Chute Service and Maintenance

For many years Elephants Foot has been leading the waste chute market in Australia, through our product stewardship and admiration in getting the job done!

We have designed, manufactured, installed and maintained over 2000+ chute systems in Australia, also proudly the preferred chute contractor for most Tier 1, 2 & 3 construction firms.

We cater to all; Residential Buildings, Care Facilities, Stadiums, Hotels and more…


Waste Management Plans – Construction Demolition Waste Management Plans – Waste Optimisation Service Plans – Waste Audits

Elephants Foot has also been a superior waste consulting firm for over 40+ years, from analyzing, reporting and compiling Waste Management Plans to providing Waste Management Solutions for 15+ industry sectors.

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EF Consulting have continuously been working behind the scenes with our clients to provide waste management and equipment solutions to assist new developments through the development application (DA) process. By utilising our years of industry experience, relationships and networking, we have been able to contribute in ensuring new developments comply with local government requirements on waste management. We also recognise the importance of sustainability and the integration of environmental, social and economic facets into our core business practices. It is through this recognition which has evolved our business from a waste handling equipment company, to a market and industry leader which has the ability to influence and change sustainability practices. Our dynamic team of Consultants focus on achieving the best possible service outcomes for our clients with healthy communities in mind and an emphasis on sustainable and efficient operations. With over 10 years’ consultancy experience, our team have fostered strong working relationships with local governments (Council’s) across Australia. This, coupled with our extensive knowledge on local, state, and federal legislation, has put us in a prime position to deliver optimal products and services to our clients.


Cardboard and Plastic Balers – ECO Compactors – Shredders – Bin lifters – Recycling Equipment – Portable or Stationary Augers and Compactors – Rubbish Compactors – Drum Crushers – Compactor Spare Parts and Service

Since 1976 Elephants Foot has been designing, manufacturing and supplying some of Australia’s most reliable garbage and recycling compacting equipment. Also with great relationships in Europe we have been able to source State Of the Art compaction equipment, providing great value at reasonable prices.


Prevenative Maintenance – Chute Blockages – Chute Cleaning – Odour Management – Chute Door Inspection – Test & Tag – Chute Repairs – Waste Equipment Replacement – Baler & Compactor Service

We have continuously evolved with the industry and adapted to market demand as we now cement our position as a national leader in waste consultancy, chute system design and installation, and operational waste handling and management solutions across all sectors and industries.

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On top of the wealth of experience and knowledge we possess in the industry, we are proud to be active members of the Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) as well as the Waste Contractors and Recyclers Association of NSW (WCRA).