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Our Philosophy

At Elephants Foot, we believe our complete lifecycle philosophy will facilitate greater environmental awareness and better waste management practices throughout our community. However, we also understand that providing equipment and facilities for the management and repurposing of waste is a step in the right direction, the overall success of environmental sustainability lies within everyone throughout the complete lifecycle to make the right choice. So, choose right and partner with Elephants Foot for a sustainable future.


With a range of specialised products and services available, including waste consultancy, design advice, chute systems, other waste and recycling equipment and ongoing service solutions. Our highly skilled and professional team will provide you with the product or service you are after.

With a wealth of industry knowledge and over 40 years’ experience, Elephants Foot are the market and industry leader. We stand by our product and believe in our people, and that is what sets us apart from the competition and enables us to achieve results and deliver successful project outcomes.

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