For property managers, tall apartment blocks, hospitals or contractors for construction sites, discreetness is paramount. Cleanliness, even more so.

Like many high rise buildings and businesses, the solution for the matter is clear – specialised chute cleaning. Alleviate any hygiene concerns with your waste chutes with Elephants Foot’s chute cleaning services.

Having evolved through over 40 years in waste management, we have the expertise and independent innovative developments to back our name. We create solutions that are good for you and good for the environment. Furthermore, we take this approach seriously through all the services of your bin chute cleaning.

  • Fully trained, insured and licensed professionals
  • State-of-the-art trash chute cleaning systems
  • Proven streamlined processes for rubbish chute cleaning
  • Committed to sustainable waste management
  • Removal of any chute blockages

Going above the market, we at Elephants Foot take a thorough hands-on approach ensuring all stains, debris and bacteria in trash chutes are eliminated in cleaning. All with the promise of sustainable and eco-friendly detergents that won’t hurt the earth.

Our Sure-Fire Method

  1. We start by winching our chute cleaning equipment on the top floor of the building.
  2. Our technician then lowers the specialised tool down the chute.
  3. After connecting the equipment to a high temperature and highly pressurised jet-powered system, the fast-rotating washer-head of the tool sprays a consistent stream of water at the chute’s interior walls.
  4. The tool aggressively cleans, sanitises, and deodorises the inner walls with high pressure cleaning as it is gradually lowered down the trash chute. All chute doors are also cleaned.
  5. All the residue waste and wastewater are then collected through a refuse container attached to the chute’s ends, and then is removed by us.

Here our team is dedicated to you, with thorough solutions that meet all your trash chute cleaning needs. For services that deliver on the high level of cleanliness you and tenants expect.

Seamless Solutions for Chutes

Whether for garbage, recyclables, construction waste, medical materials, or food, we have the solutions that will ensure your chutes are scrubbed completely bare. In addition to garbage chute cleaning, we offer clients preventative maintenance plans, odour management solutions and chute repairs personalised to their trash chute system requirements.

If you are a building manager looking for chute cleaning in Australia or other services to look after your waste chutes, you can contact us by calling 1300 435 374 now. We’re always ready to help.

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