Chute systems facilitate the centralised deposit, transfer and collection of waste, recycling and other materials (i.e. linen/laundry) in multi-storey developments. With a range of solutions available, Elephant’s Foot custom designs the best chute system for project-specific requirements, from multi-unit residential, mixed use and commercial developments, to hotels and student accommodations and other industrial facilities.

Elephants Foot has a wide variety of systems available suited to different applications, including our single chute system for single waste stream disposal or laundry, dual chute systems for dual stream disposal i.e. waste and recycling, to our bespoke eDiverter system which enables multiple waste stream disposal down a single chute.

All our systems are available in standard sizes, materials and customisable applications,and designed with better practice in mind. EF chute systems are fully compliant to the National Construction Code (NCC) and applicable Australian Standards. We pride ourselves in holding some of the highest and most comprehensive levels of compliance available in the industry.

Also available is our variety of discharge attachments, and automated waste collection (and compaction) machines.

We offer other equipment solutions to further provide the complete operational waste handling and management package.



• Available in robust non-combustible and non-corrosive 1.6mm galvanised steel;
5mm (nominal thickness); Linear Low Density Polyethene (LLDPE); or 1.6mm 304
grade Stainless steel
• Standard 510mm Ø and 600mm Ø in all material types (custom sizes are available
on request)
• All self-closing hoppers (intake doors) are 2-hour fire rated (FRL -/120/30)
• Chutes are isolated from the building structure via rubber acoustic isolation mounts
• Standard washdown system available on all chute systems
• Odour relief vent to atmosphere is standard on all chute systems
• Variety of discharge and equipment options to maximise system efficiency



Our waste management strategists often work in collaboration with our technicians to design, manufacture, and install chute systems that are suited for every project’s requirements.

We work with you to understand your site’s environmental concerns, building, industry, waste type and waste volume, and design garbage chute systems with these factors in mind so that you can rely on smooth performance of your new equipment. On top of our chute systems, we also perform a full hand over with every new chute system to ensure you understand how to use it and what to expect. Elephants Foot can also provide chute consumables and after service care to clean, maintain, and repair these systems to ensure the longlife and efficiency of your chutes.

Our waste consultants can also work in collaboration with your business or worksite representatives to design and create garbage chute systems that work holistically with your overall waste management process.


Waste disposal is a harder task to manage when you live in or manage a tall multi-storey building. The taller it is, the more waste there also is to manage.

While it’s common to have cleaning teams remove trash from bins in an office building, in some workplaces or operations, waste can pile up quickly. To add fuel to the flame, in-building waste collectors can cause disruption to already busy hallways or elevators. Waste Chute Systems help allow you and your residents or employees to efficiently get rid of the waste after bins become full, and reduce clutter and odour in the building. With a straight drop from a room, to your outdoor skip bin or garbage room in a single chute.


Chute systems also don’t have to stop at garbage. A laundry chute system can also assist you in making it easier to collect laundry and linens from different levels in a large home, hotel, or hospital. Linen chute systems help give you an extra level of efficiency and discretion when it comes to your housekeeping services. They let your staff quickly drop towels and beddings to the laundry room, and help save your guests from unpleasantries in the elevators and corridors.We can also provide temporary refuse chute systems for construction site projects, to help workers efficiently dispose of materials on a construction or a controlled demolition project.

If you are interested in learning more about how a chute system can improve your site’s operational waste management, please contact us.