Chute systems facilitate the centralised deposit, transfer and collection of waste, recycling and other materials (i.e. linen/laundry) in multi-storey developments. With a range of solutions available, EF Chute Systems custom design the best chute system for project specific requirements, from multi-unit residential, mixed use and commercial developments, to hotels and student accommodations and other industrial facilities.

With a variety of systems available, including our single chute system for single waste stream disposal or laundry, dual chute systems for dual stream disposal i.e. waste and recycling, to our bespoke eDiverter system which enables
multiple waste stream disposal down a single chute. All our systems are available in standard sizes, materials and customizable applications, with our systems designed with better practice in mind. Fully compliant to the National Construction Code (NCC) and applicable Australian Standards, we pride ourselves in holding some of the highest and
most comprehensive levels of compliance available in the industry.

Also available is our variety of discharge attachments, automated waste collection (and compaction) machines. We further offer other equipment solutions to provide the complete operational waste handling and management package.

Standard Chute Features and Specifications
• Available in robust non-combustible and non-corrosive 1.6mm galvanised steel;
5mm (nominal thickness) Linear Low Density Polyethene (LLDPE); or 1.6mm 304
grade Stainless steel
• Standard 510mm Ø and 600mm Ø in all material types (custom sizes are available
on request)
• All self-closing hoppers (intake doors) are 2-hour fire rated (FRL -/120/30)
• Chutes are isolated from the building structure via rubber acoustic isolation mounts
• Standard washdown system available on all chute systems
• Odour relief vent to atmosphere is standard on all chute systems
• Variety of discharge and equipment options to maximise system efficiency

EF NEUTRALIZEROur new Odour Control Unit.

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