The onscreen display will also allow users to view baler errors, complete half bales and view baler transaction history.

Completed bale information is downloaded onto a USB stick. Baler transaction details will display on an excel spreadsheet for easy reporting.

Eco Weighing

Complementing our extensive range of balers, is the Elephants Foot ECO weighing baler attachment. Our weighing and reporting technology is a crucial add-on for businesses interested in tracking their recycling output.

The ECO weighing baler attachment will allow operators to download the time, date and weight of each bale. If upgraded with a sim card option, the baler will text up to 5 operators the time, date and weight of each completed bale .

The ECO weighing baler attachment is available on all Elephants Foot baler range and can also be retrofitted to most balers on the market.

  • Bale scale +/- 1kg
  • Scale calibration reset button
  • Sim card full bale notification via SMS to 5 contacts (option)
  • Onscreen fault and baler error report
  • Completed bale data downloaded onto an excel spreadsheet via USB (date, time & weight).
  • On screen display of last 10 completed bales (date, time & weight).
  • On screen maintenance module for troubleshooting
  • On Screen adjustment of bale size and bale weight
  • Full training and support


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