Top Loading

The Elephants foot top loading baler is designed with a small footprint to suit retail and sites with high volume recyclables but minimal floor space. The top loading horizontal baler has a sensor in the loading hopper that automatically starts the baling cycle when it senses the presence of recyclables. Once the baler is at capacity, the baler full light will activate to notify staff that the bale is ready for tie up.

TPL 200

Features & Benefits

  • Plug into 3 phase power point
  • 12 Months warranty – Reliable after sales service
  • Easy top loading & continuous feed baler
  • Easy tying at maximum compaction
  • Scissor action cylinders, 13 tonnes compaction
  • Small footprint for tight areas
  • For use at high volume places up to 4-6 tonnes per day
Machine TypeTPL
Bale Size & WeightW1100*L750mm Cardboard200 to 250kgs Plastic 250

to 340kgs

Machine SizeW2500*D1550*H2200mm
Daily CapacityUp to 4-6 Tonnes Subject to Product type
Loading HopperW900*L700*H1000
Cycle Time35 secs

TPL 300 and TPL 400

The following video shows a TPL – 400 baler connected with a spiker and conveyors. The spiker punctures full bottles of liquid, allowing for easy compaction of empty bottles and containment of liquid via a drain.

Features & Benefits

  • Full bottle spiker & liquid drainage optional
  • 12 Months warranty – Reliable after sales service
  • Easy tying at maximum compaction
  • Built to order to suit customer requirements
  • Bin lifter & conveyor attachments optional
  • Automatic compacting cycle with full light indicator
Machine TypePetTPL 300TPL 400
Bale Size & WeightW710 x L1200 x H710

200 to 330kgs

W1100 x L1200 x H750mm

300 to 400kgs

W1100 x L1200 x H750mm

380 to 500kgs

Machine SizeW1150 x L6000mm x H2100W1500 x up to L6000mm x H2100H2100 x W1500 x up to L6000mm
Daily CapacityUp to 8 tonnesUp to 9 tonnes sUp to 12 tonnes
Loading HopperW650 x L1000 x H1000W950 x L1000 x H1000W950 x L1000 x H1000
Cycle Time45 secs45 secs45 secs
Cylinder6 inch – 30 tonne compression5 inch – 20 tonne compression6 inch – 30 tonne compression
Motor22kw – 130ltr oil/m11kw – 65ltr oil/m22kw – 130ltr oil/m


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