PET Horizontal

The PET Horizontal baler is designed to compact and bale PET material.

At Elephants Foot , we can customise any horizontal baler to suit your specifications. The horizontal balers can be fitted with a bin lifter for convenience or quite simply a hand loading option. These units can also be designed to be placed under a conveyor belt.

A rotational spiker unit can be fitted to the machine to puncture full bottles before baling. Liquid will then drain to a collection point.

  • Bottle spilker & liquid drainage
  • 12 Months warranty – Reliable after sales services
  • Easy tying at maximum compaction
  • Built to order to suit customer requirements
  • Bin lifter attachments
  • Automatic compacting cycle with full indicator
Machine TypePet3 Cubic (20TNS)3 Cubic (30TNS)
Bale Size & WeightW710 x L1200 x H710 200 to 330kgsW100 x L1200 x H750mm 300 to 400kgsW1100 x L1200 x H750mm 380 to 500kgs
Machine SizeW150 to L600mm x H4100W1500 x up to L6000m x h2100H2100 x W1500m x up to L6000
Daily CapacityUp to 8 tonnesUp to 9 tonnesUp to 12 tonnes
Loading HopperW650 x L1000 x H1000W950 x L1000 x H1000W950 x L1000 x H1000
Cycle Time45 Secs45 Secs45 Secs
Cylinder6 inch – 30 tonne compression5 inch – 20 tonne compression6 inch – 30 tonne compression
Motor22kw – 130tr oil/m11kw – 65ltr oil/m22kw – 130ltr oil/m


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