Stationary Eco
Weighing Compactor

The stationary ECO compactor is the optimum technology for compacting general waste in a multi-user environment. The ECO @Internet database management system is designed to collect all information from each user who disposes of waste in the ECO compactor.

Each tenant is supplied with their own pre-programmed security swipe card. When a tenant approaches the unit, they are required to follow the on-screen instructions. The tenant will instantly get the weight of their waste displayed on the screen of the ECO compactor. This system will make the tenant more conscious about recycling, and accountable for their waste disposal habits.

Operations are as follows:

  1. Swipe the card
  2. Place the waste in the hopper when the door automatically opens. (The door cannot be opened unless the card swiped is programmed to be accepted by the ECO compactor)
  3. The tenant placed the waste inside and pressed the start button. Should the tenant fail to press the start button, after 60 seconds the door will close and the compactor will compact and register the waste to the last swipe card user.
  4. Waste is weighed and displayed on the screen for the tenant. The information is sent via GPS to the ECO @Internet database management system.

The ECO @Internet system can be accessed by anyone who holds the password.

  • Length of compactor without the container/bin – 1675mm
  • Width and height – 1830mm x 2350mm
  • Height of feed opening – 1370mm from ground level
  • Filling opening volume – 600L
  • Motor – 5.5kw
  • Weight without container/bin – 2900kg
  • Magnetic bin/container sensor
  • Compacting pressure – 25 tonnes
  • The compaction ratio is 5:1 (compaction blade system)
  • Scale is EU Calibrated – 0.1g precisely/ from 1 – 100kg/ class III
  • Schematics included (Appendix B)
  • Front and rear wheels
  • 415 volts, 3 phase, 5 pin, D type circuit breaker, 16Amp
  • Automatic odour control management system
  • ¾ and full light indicator via a light and SMS/Email alert system
  • Up to five (5) contacts for Email/ SMS monitoring system
  • Remote SMS access to the ECO compactor for basic settings and maintenance
  • Faults reported by SMS/Email
  • Digital control panel with LCD display
  • 100 fully programmed swipe cards
  • ECO @Internet database management system (Appendix A)
  • Magnetic bin sensor – no longer a need for the bin away plug
  • Weatherproof control panel
  • Front access hatch for easy cleaning and maintenance behind the ram

ECO @Internet Database Management System

The ECO @Internet Database Management System offers the owner of the compactor full control over its users, reporting, servicing and compactor tracking. The ECO compactor has a built in GPS system that is always connected to the ECO @Internet program.

A swipe card programmer can also be purchased separately so the owner can issue extra swipe cards at their control. The ECO @Internet database system is refreshed every 15 minutes to ensure all data is up-to-date. The data can be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet for easy tracking and billing.

The ECO compactor has the facility to be a pre-paid service. The system set up is simple; the tenant buys a prepaid card from the compactor owner in order to use the compactor. The owner can select what fee is to be charged per kilo so when the tenant swipes their card, the total fee will be deducted each time the owner uses the compactor. An onsite credit recharge machine can be purchased. The unit will accept note payments and print a receipt for the tenant. This setup is perfect for special events.

Servicing & Maintenance

Servicing and maintenance has never been easier. The ECO compactors (both portable and stationary) have an access hatch for easy cleaning and maintenance behind the ram. The compactor also comes standard with an odour system that ensures odours are kept to a minimum. There is a side panel that can be removed with the appropriate tool, for easy refill of the odour control system. The ECO compactor also sends SMS/emails of when the unit is in need of repair. Some basic repairs can also be done via sending SMS codes directly to the compactor.


Safety is top priority for the ECO compactor. The automatic door opens and closes, but should there be an obstruction on the third attempt of closing, the compactor sends an SMS/Email to the compactor owner to alert them of the error. Should a tenant report that any obstruction has now been cleared, the owner of the compactor can send an SMS code to the compactor to reset the automatic door. The door stops prior to reaching the obstruction in similar fashion automatic doors do in a shopping centre.

Commercial and Residential

Commercial and residential surroundings can both benefit from using an ECO compactor. The compactors can be custom painted and branded to suit the decor of any surroundings, and with the odour control function and air tight bin/container, it makes it the perfect choice for commercial and residential dwellings.

Where space is at a premium, an ECOsystem can be placed underground. With a hydraulic controlled lift system, access by the waste collector is easy. The lift system can also be adapted to suit other waste collection methods and compactors.


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