Stationary Blade
Compactor XL

The stationary blade compactor is designed as the optimum system for compacting large volumes of waste. Stationary blade compactors are best suited for dry waste i.e. large volume producers of cardboard as well as paper and plastic shrink wrap and are traditionally preferred by large recycling organisations.

The machine is supplied for loading at ground level however can be fitted to a loading dock with customised hopper to suit loading from the side and front of the machine. All components can be custom designed to suit specific site requirements.

  • Length of compactor head – 2850mm
  • Width and height without the hopper – 2560mm x 1550mm
  • Height of feed opening – 1450mm
  • Volume/ stroke – 1.9m³
  • Compacting cycle – 55 sec
  • Motor – 5.5kw
  • Weight (without hopper) – 3100kg
  • Feed opening (W x L) – 1860mm x 1450mm
  • Filling opening (W x L) – 1860mm x 2153mm
  • Schematics included (Appendix A)
  • Bin on board magnetic sensor
  • Magnetic bin sensor
  • High quality ram guide rails
  • Cross cylinder scissor action ram with telescopic press plate
  • ¾ and full light indicator via a light and SMS/Email alert system
  • Up to five (5) contacts for Email/ SMS monitoring system
  • External control panel (Appendix A)
  • Compactor will be supplied with one weatherproof control panel with key start and housed in a lockable case
  • Magnetic bin/container sensor – No longer a need for the bin away plug
  • Front access hatch for easy cleaning behind the ram
  • Standard hopper to suit hand-loading (refer to Fig 1)

External Control Panel

The external control panel is included with the standard blade compactor. The panel can be placed away from the compactor and bolted to the floor. For extra safety, an emergency stop button is located in both the control panel and on the side of the compactor.

XL – large feed opening and stroke volume

Boasting a 1.9m³ volume per stroke and a wide filling opening of 1860mm x 2153mm, the XL blade compactor is the largest of its kind in Australia.

The compactor comes standard with an access hatch at the front of the compactor for easy cleaning behind the ram. The addition of a telescopic press plate minimises waste falling behind the ram. The ram has a flexible floor cleaner to ensure most liquids and waste materials are continuously scraped off the compactor floor and compacted into the bin. These features combined assist the operator to reduce maintenance and cleaning down-time. High quality rails have also been installed to ensure a smooth process for the telescopic press plate and ram.


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