Powerful Pallet
Shredder Compactor

Are you searching for a compactor that has the added ability of shredding tough materials like pallets and plastic crates down? You can stop searching!

Elephants Foot are proud to supply a stationary auger compactor which includes a heavy-duty crusher that will have no problems crushing the toughest recyclable materials down to nothing, making it small enough for the world-class compactor to do its job.

All of the products that we have available to our customers are planned by first-class designers, and built to the highest standard of quality.

Why It Runs So Smoothly

Each of our pallet shredder compactors includes an automatic lubrication system, which makes sure there is ample lubrication being applied to the various points in the machine that require it.

The tough wood crushing component of the pallet shredder compactor has motors that run independently to the compactor, and has the power to obliterate wooden pallets and crates, plastic crates and cardboard roll cores, and all other heavy duty materials.

This state of the art technology is chainless – it uses an electro-mechanical direct drive, which reduces the amount of maintenance required by increasing its overall reliability.

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For any further questions you may have about our pallet shredder compactor or any of our other products on offer, we welcome you to call us on 1300 435 374 and one of our friendly staff will help. If you like, you can complete our online enquiry or send us an email and we’ll get back to you quickly.

At Elephants Foot we supply a myriad of different waste management machinery, including:

  • Street compactors
  • Bale presses
  • Laundry chutes
  • Carousel Compactors

All of our products are fully maintained by our qualified and skilled technicians who have been trained specifically for each machine, to ensure they are running as smoothly as the day they were purchased.

As a 100% Australian owned company which has been operating since 1976, the experience we hold in the waste management industry and knowledge of its current technologies makes us an industry leader. We have been custom-building machines to perfectly suit our clients’ individual needs for decades.

Not only do we have extensive experience in our craft, but we are also a proud member of several industry bodies such as Green Building Council Australia, the Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA), and Waste Contractors and Recyclers Association of NSW.

  • Length of compactor without the container – 1420mm
  • Width & height without the hopper – 1500 x 1300mm
  • Height of feed opening – 1400mm from ground level
  • Auger screw speed – 17 rpm
  • Filling opening W x L – 1400 x 1300 mm
  • Auger motor – 15kw , Noise level – 72db(A)
  • Weight (without hopper) – approx 2250kg
  • Magenetic bin/container sensor
  • SMS communication system ,¾ full light indicator
  • Electro-mechanical direct drive Auger (Appendix A)
  • Standard hopper (refer to Fig 1.)
  • 415 volts, 3 phase, 5 pin, D type circuit breaker, 63Amp fuse rating (nominal current 37.5
  • Feed opening W x D: 1400 x 1300 mm
  • Drive performance: 2 x 15 kW / Ø 70mm
  • Approx 5-6 tonne in a 32m3 container
  • Throughput: > 120 m³ / h

Automatic Lubrication System

All necessary lubrication points on the machine bearing / drive pinion are supplied regularly by a central, automatic lubrication system.This will aid in the reduction of service calls and compactor downtime.

Wood Crusher

The timber pre-crusher is designed to crush pallets and assist in the feeding of the hopper. Running on its own independent motors, the pre crusher reverses to unblock any materials stuck in the

hopper. Compaction rate for timber is approximately 200kg/m3.

Electro-mechanical direct drive Auger

The Electro-mechanical direct drive is the new technology that replaces the traditional drive chain that runs the auger. No chains! Thanks to this system, the Auger operates with total reliability and requires very little maintenance.


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