Can you imagine how chaotic it will be if you have overfilled bins,or you realise the waste room isn’t big enough? There is nothing more frustrating than having to manage a development that is inefficient and could have been better planned. That’swhen the services of a reliable waste management consultancy come in very handy. This way, you can get assistance with identifying any potential issues in the early planning stages and mitigate costly mistakes down the track. To find out many more perks of hiring a waste management consultancy, read on!

1. Effective waste managementplanning

Our qualified and experienced consultants are involved right from the planning and design stages. We have a strong focus on achieving the best possible compliant outcomes for all stakeholders, and an emphasis on sustainability and efficient operations.

We maintain strong working relationships with local councils right across Australia, allowing us to be equipped with current information on waste management policies and regulations, and integrate them into waste management design. This, coupled with experience in both construction and sustainability, allows for the development of strategies that not only comply with local council requirements, but result in efficient and effective waste management strategies during operation. It also allows for early problem-solving and risk mitigation, which could potentially save projects thousands of dollars in later stages of development.

2. Design Support

Elephants Foot is uniquely placed to provide technical design assistance in conjunction with our operational waste management plans. It is recommended that design support be engaged in the early stages of architectural planning to ensure that waste management equipment such as chutes, compactors, and track systems are properly incorporated into the waste rooms for best operational outcome.

Our design team of mechanical engineers can review a development’s waste areas and provide specific technical information to ensure that waste facilities will be suitable for waste equipment throughout the construction and operational phases.

3. Operational Assessment

Once built, developments don’t always operate as intended, whether due to poor planning, a change in use, or poor education.

If your development isn’t operating efficiently, is producing too much waste and costing you too much money, or you want to see if you can streamline operations to run more effectively and efficiently, it is time to arrange an Operational Assessment.

Our team of consultants can conduct desktop and/or site audits to review a development’s waste strategies and provide advice for improvement.

Advice can include the introduction and implementation of education programs. Our education programs aim to increase the level of understanding and participation of waste management strategies. We can assess your needs and tailor a solution specific to your development.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact our capable team today and we can set up a meeting with you to discuss your waste management needs and how best you can be helped. We are eager to hear from you.