We are changing the way we live. With many new developments being large mixed-use developments of mini cities in themselves, waste management becomes a critical aspect, as does the equipment required to manage it.

1. Waste Bins

Used for the segregation of waste streams, waste bins can come in all shapes and sizes, and are made from materials such as plastic or steel. Larger bins are typically made of steel to withstand compaction of general waste, and to handle the weight from a larger volume.

2. Chutes

Waste chutes are vertical pipes typically installed into high-rise residential buildings that allow waste to be transferred from each level into the basement where the waste room is located. This removes the aspect of transferring waste via passenger lifts and can decrease the likelihood of illegal dumping. Chutes can also be utilised for mixed recyclable materials either as a separate chute next to the waste chute (dual chutes) or as a single chute with a diversion system on the bottom. A third option, and viable for dependant aged care facilities and hotels, is the linen chute.

3. Compactors

Compactors are pieces of equipment that compact or squash waste, generally on a 2:1 ratio (thus halving the initial volume). Decreasing the volume of waste can assist to decrease the number of bins required on site; making them effective solutions for reducing costs and collection frequencies.

4. Balers

Balers are pieces of equipment that press and bundle materials to create a bale. Materials typically include cardboard, plastic, PET, paper and other recyclable items. Baling recyclable materials can reduce your storage footprint, reduce collection frequencies and reduce operational costs.

5. Bin Lifters

Bin lifters generally assist with decanting waste from a small bin into a larger bin. This may be useful to reduce the number of bins being presented for collection, or to help tackle limited space in collection areas.

6. Carousel/Linear Tracks

Carousel and linear track systems are automated equipment designed for developments that generate higher volumes of waste and recyclable materials. Waste and recyclable materials fall directly into the bins from the chute and once full, a sensor will trigger the movement. This reduces the frequency of staff having to change over bins. Additionally, compaction units can be integrated into these systems, saving even more time.

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