Waste chutes are a quick and efficient way to dispose of rubbish in many multi-unit dwellings, however regular maintenance is vitally important for waste management operations, otherwise you could be facing horrible smells, risk to fire and injury, and pest infestations.

Below are a few reasons why regular chute cleaning is good for the health and comfort of all the residents.

1. Unwanted smells

Plastic bags containing general household waste can occasionally tear – whether it be from a sharp object from within the bag or sometimes from the chute itself.When bags tear, putrescible waste can leak onto the chute walls and into the bins below. If the chute is not washed down or cleaned regularly, the putrescible waste combined with heat can cause unwanted smells which rises up the chute with heat and it released into the waste chute rooms on each floor each time the hopper door is opened by a resident depositing waste.

This is why regular chute checks and cleaning is important, and will increase the life of the chute and associated equipment in the long run.

2. Pest infestation

While a lot of people limit the amount of time that they spend near waste chutes some organisms thrive in them. Rats and other rodents are attracted to the food that is found in the chute and waste rooms, with the possibility of using it as a nesting place. Vermin like these are very unpleasant and bring many issues with them such as structural damage to the walls and wiring, and health concerns to the residents.

Regular chute maintenance and cleaning ensures that pest infestations are appropriately controlled.

3. Extending the life of the waste chute

A clean and well-keptwaste chute has a longer lifespan than one that is always dirty and unkempt. Residents require a chute that is kept in good working order so they can conveniently dispose of household waste. A chute clean ensures that any materials that can potentially affect the structural integrity of the chute are removed. Corrosive chemicals and damaging liquids are an example of things that can damage a chute.

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