Waste management is part of the business operation. Regardless of the size of the company, you will accumulate waste each day that will require disposal. A bin lifter is an alternative to manual emptying of bins. Aside from being used in waste disposal, you will be surprised that it is also useful for other purposes.At Elephants Foot we specialise in waste management solutions.
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Alternative to manually emptying bins.

Elephants Foot bin lifters are manufactured in Australia, its simplicity and Universal bin lifters have been designed with safety and usability in mind. Equipped with safety panels and powered by a push-button hydraulic system, they are ideal for schools, retail centres, warehouses etc.
The leading advantage of using an Elephants Foot bin lifter is that it prevents injuries from having to do the job manually and increases productivity within your business.
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Benefits of bin lifters.

Waste management is an integral part of most businesses, while we are getting better at separating our general waste, recycling and green waste into different types of bins, waste handling process are only increasing. The benefits of choosing Elephants Foot bin lifters:

  • There is no risk of manual handling injuries of lifting heavy loads, the bin lifter does all the work.
  • Reduce clutter and contamination in food production.
  • Cut down on costs.
  • Increases efficiency in operation.

If you need help dealing with waste or are looking for the above benefits,contact us. We will sit down with you and assess your current waste management system. From this, we will be able to pinpoint areas that you can improve on. When you deal with qualified and experienced waste management specialists like those found at Elephants Foot, we will help you figure out what your needs are and how you can effectively manage your waste.

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