Elephants Foot are excited to introduce you to the wide range of recycling balers and compactors that we offer. Waste compaction is the process by which waste is reduced in size and volume. This allows a substantial amount of waste to be kept in small areas. At Elephants Foot we offer various options to suit your waste management needs such as purchase, rent, lease and buy-back. We pride ourselves in offering quality and sophisticated compaction systems for your business. Secretly, we like the challenge!

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A compactor is a machine that reduces the size of waste through compaction. It can be used domestically or industrially. Waste that is compacted is put into a container that is collected by a waste collector and then disposed of. The benefits of choosing to use compactors:

  • Reduces the amount of waste that is collected.
  • Increases efficiency when getting rid of waste.
  • Hygienic working environment
  • Cutting waste management costs

At Elephants Foot we offer many types of compactors from stationary to portable. Our waste compactors come in a wide range of sizes and can reduce waste to a third of its original size. Our compactors are user friendly and after basic training, your staff will be able to operate a commercial compactor, helping to increase efficiency when it comes to getting rid of waste.


Balers are used to compress recyclable waste materials into small manageable bales. Examples of such materials include but are not limited to cardboard, foam, bottles, textiles, cans and plastics. Bales allow for easy movement from the point of collection to a recycling facility.

A wide variety of businesses rely on balers for a whole host of reasons, saving them a lot of time and money. From a discounted waste solution to the cleanliness and tidiness of store shelves, whatever your business or industry, if it produces a lot of recyclable waste, then a baler could be an ideal solution for you.

There are a wide range of balers available for you at Elephants Foot.

If you are not sure whether you need a waste compactor or a baler for your waste management, we can find the solution for you. At Elephants Foot we can give you a consultation where we look at the type of waste that you have and determine whether a baler or a compactor will be best.

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