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The Elephants Foot Waste Compactors range of crushers are designed to be a heavy duty machine.

The 205 litre drum crusher will crush standard 205 litre steel drums to 120-150mm. The unit is so versatile that it will also crush car oil filters.

The 20 litre paint and olive oil tin crusher works on the same principal as our 205 litre drum crusher. The 20 litre drum crusher is a great unit for restaurants with high volume of drums and tins but also a great investment for painters, paint shops and other businesses.

The bottle buster is quiet and designed to assist clubs and hotels in conserving space generated by bulky glass bottles. The bottles are quickly crushed and dropped in to a small container of bin.

The can crusher will allow you to turn those bulky cans into small tidy manageable blocks for recycling. Easy and safe operation ensures this unit is an asset to anyone with a high volume of cans.