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Quality Carousel Compactors For Sale In Australia

When Elephants Foot offer such advanced waste management systems as the waste and recycling eDiverter, it’s no wonder we have fully automatic carousel compactors for sale, too.

If you’re looking to fit a high-rise building out with an innovative chute system, you’ve come to the right place.

The carousel compactors we have for sale in Australia come in two different sizes suitable for any size of building:

  • A 240 litre carousel compactor compactor unit, which carries five bins at 240 litres each with a totally automatic operation
  • A 660 litre carousel compactor compactor unit, carrying 2 660 litre bins, also fully automatic operation

Both of these options are set up underneath a chute system (laundry chute, waste, or eDeliver chute systems are perfect) and require no real after sale installation.

Why choose Elephants Foot

Elephants Foot have been in the industry since 1976, consistently supplying the latest in waste management systems to customers with a vast assortment of wants and needs. We are a wholly Australian-owned company, who offer the perfect solutions to all Australians in need of top quality, efficient systems to handle their waste management.

The service we provide after the sale of each product we have extends to full maintenance by our talented technicians, qualified to speedily and skillfully fix any issues there may be in the future.

Our experience in the industry is only surpassed by our passion to reduce our customers’ waste costs, which we can currently boast can be up to a 75% reduction.

Small Container Packer Compactors

We are a member of several industry bodies, and the quality of service and workmanship that we approach each of our jobs is testament to our reputation.

The knowledge and experience we possess gives us the ability to discuss your specific needs whether you’re looking for a laundry chute system for a high rise apartment complex, a bale press that’ll suit your factory’s cardboard output.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get rid of a surplus in timber products, we can supply you with a pallet shredder compactor, or even if you’re looking for a street compactor we’ve got you covered.

Would you like to know more?

To find out any more about any of the products we offer, not only the carousel compactors we have for sale throughout Australia, we are available on 1800 025 073 or alternatively you can send us an email or complete our online form.

Features & Benefits
12 months warranty
Automatic operations with full light indicator
No installation required
Bin size 1.5 to 9M(3)
Single Phase power point, 415 volts
20 amp socket, 5pin



Machine Size W800 x L2300 x H1000mm
Daily Capacity 5 x 2m(3) bins of waste per day
Loading Door700 x 500 x 700mm
Cycle Time 20 secs

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