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Waste Management Reports

Elephants Foot Recycling Solutions are proud to have been involved with many major projects nationally in providing waste management planning services for all residential, mixed use, multi-unit residential and commercial developments from early planning through to DA.

Our consultancy service works closely with developers, architects and local Councils to ensure all waste management services are planned in accordance with councils development control planning and guidelines.

Elephants Foot’s Waste Management Planning Service includes:

  • design assistance
  • generated waste volumes (residential, retail and commercial)
  • Council consultation
  • waste and recycling equipment including sustainable options to reduce waste to landfill
  • chute systems including single waste chute with recycling diversion (eDiverter)
  • collection strategies
  • spatial requirements for all waste management systems

Please call 1800 025 073 to discuss your project with one of our consultants.

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