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Waste and Recycling eDIVERTER


The single chute , dual stream solution for high rise buildings.

Diversion systems have long been used in multi unit dwellings in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States as the
simple-to-use system encourages apartment residents to recycle.

Installation of a single-use chute door for both a waste and recycling disposal also provides building owners with significant
savings in labour, energy and floor space:

No recycling areas required on each level – costs savings for developers
No recycling bin movement via lifts – energy cost savings
Reduced bin cleaning time – labour cost savings
Overall reduced labour for building operators
Cost saving for ongoing bldg maintenance (this may assist in strata fee reduction)

The Elephants Foot e-Diverter operates with a single garbage chute, manufactured in either galvanised steel or recycled LLDPE
plastic.  Each building level has a disposal chute door which is electronically connected to an easy-to-operate LED
control panel.

The resident selects a recycling or waste function. This moves a mechanism that guides recycling or waste into the
correct collection bin located in the building’s waste room, than the resident will deposit the correct material into the chute.

For drawings and detailed specs please click here.

1- Split system body 3 mm steel plate with two bottom outlets
2- Shut out door with manual over ride to close off chute fitted with fusible link
3- Internal diverter plate 10mm activated by a hydraulic cylinder
4- Hydraulic power pack with single phase 1.5kw motor, supplied with all associated connections
5- PLC control box in garbage room, programmed to operate diverter and lock out doors
6- 12 core 24 volt cables mounted to the external of chute pipes leading to doors
7- Doors fitted with electronic lock out solenoid
8- At each level above every door, four button operating switch board
9- 240 volt electric connections required only to main control box at garbage room level
10- System connections and operation from every level test and commission
11- If building over 15 levels, a power supply on every 15th level to stabilize power control (this is communicated between Elephants Foot and site electricians)
12- Operating instructions and labels on every level.

Note: Manual over-ride
system is supplied to fully lock and unlock the system.  This function supports closure of the chute doors during cleaning and maintenance periods and also fully unlocks the doors during power interruptions.

Builder to supply:
1- 240 volt power in garbage room
2- 240 volt outlet at every 15th level for power supply, behind bricked wall
3-400volt power for compactors and linear/carousels required in garbage room



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