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World Class Chutes in Australia

With such a wide variety of building specifications across Australia, the journey to find a company that can produce exactly what your building needs can be time-consuming and tedious.

However, at Elephants Foot, and Australian company, we make the search quick and easy. We have skilled designers that can work closely with you to create plans that will adhere to your particular building and its different needs for a chute.

Elephants Foot has been servicing the building industry nationally since 1976. We offer:

Waste and recycling chutes

We have a choice of either steel (galvanised) or plastic (polyethylene), depending on your building or tender’s needs, able to be designed to fit your requirements.

Laundry chutes

As per waste and recycling, our laundry chutes can be designed for you in steel or plastic, making the collection of laundry much easier and faster.

Recycling and waste chute eDiverter system

Perfect for high-rises, the eDiverter is a two-in-one system whereby your building’s residents can select either regular garbage or recycling and it’s diverted automatically to that particular bin saving time and costs. It’s also available in either steel or plastic, and can be designed for your building.

Our products are designed and custom made to suit every job and builders specifications, and are all built to last. Like all of the products we have on offer, all of our laundry and other types of chute are maintained by our trained and qualified technicians.

Elephants Foot also custom design, manufacture and install compactors for the collection of recyclables and waste being disposed via our garbage chute system.

  • Our systems include:
  • Lineal conveyor bin systems
  • Bin carousel systems
  • Static compactor for large volume bins
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Chat with us today

If you have any further questions regarding our laundry or other chutes available, or other products such as plastic balers and other balers, please feel free to contact us on 1800 025 073 – we’re more than happy to discuss a perfect solution for you.

Otherwise, you can send us an email or fill out our contact form online and one of our friendly representatives will get in touch with you.

We’ve got such a wide variety of waste management products available right around Australia:

All have been intricately designed and are carefully and competently put together to simplify your recycling and waste processes in Australia.