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Elephants Foot Product Launch


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Thurs-Friday, April 19-20

44-46 Gibson Ave Padstow NSW 2211 (Corner of Gow St)
enjoy product demos, light appetizers & refreshments
A Pottinger representative from Austria will be on hand to answer any questions
for more information 1800 025 073
Elephants Foot Product Launch

Eco weighing compacter system:
Supported by a free online data management system,email & SMS contact integration, the owner of the eco compacter will be able to view, manage or bill users who used the equipment.Via a swipe card system unique to each user, the kilos of each disposal session are displayed on the LCD screen & automatically uploaded to a free online database.

Blade Compactor range:
The blade compactor has a telescopic press plate which minimises waste falling behind the ram.The ram has a flexible door cleaner to ensure most liquids & waste materials are continuously scraped off the compactor floor & compacted into the bin. Our range of blade compactors are available in both portable and stationary systems with email & SMS integraion.

Auger Compactor:
The stationary auger compactor is the optimum technology for compacting bulky cardboard and large volumes. Fittle with a state-of-the-art paddle system, the stationary auger is specifically designed for compacting cardboard. Our auger compactors are also self greasing. Our range of auger compactors are available in both portable and stationary systems with email & SMS integration.

e-Fab (Elephants Foot Auto Baler):
The Elephants Foot Auto baler is a fully automated cardboard baler designed for minimal user handling. The cardboard is thrown into the open hopper where the baler senses the cardboard persence & begins compacting automatically. The baler also ejects the finished bale hydraulically, removing manual labour& ensuring the operator is clear of ejecting bale.

The Elephants Foot e-Diverter waste & recycling system operates with a single garbage chute. The resident selects either a recycling or waste option. This moves a mechanism that guides recycling or waste into the correct collection bin located in the buildings waste room, than the resident will deposit the correct material into the chute.

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