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Sustainable Waste Management Solutions Just Got a Big Kick from Elephant’s Foot

Posted on March 7th, 2012 by admin

Author: Luis Anjos
Location/Date Padstow, NSW, Australia: March 1, 2012

Designing sustainable waste management solutions is the core business of Elephant’s Foot Recycling Systems. Their reputation is built on meeting the challenges of creating systems that a business can afford and meet the growing demands of society. Elephant’s Foot partnership with Pottinger means Australian facilities now have access to world-class sustainable waste management systems.

Elephant’s Foot is the leading provider of sustainable waste management solutions across Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. They have partnered with Pottinger, a global resource for the design and manufacture of waste and recycling equipment. This partnership provides a means for Australian industry to escalate efforts around effective waste management strategies while minimising or avoiding adverse impacts on the environment and/or human health.

According to Elephant’s Foot spokesperson, the company is introducing several types of waste collection, processing and transport systems: Eco Smart, Eco Communal, Auger & Multipress, Blade Compactors, Lifts, and Small Bin Compactors. Depending on the client’s direction, these systems can be custom branded to meet the company’s marketing or environmental statement.

Pottinger’s flagship system, Eco Smart, provides a portable or stationary waste collection point. The Eco Smart system appeals to shopping centre and facilities managers as the volume of waste used by tenants can be reviewed and billed to each consumer with greater accuracy than the traditional waste collection systems. Tenants gain access to disposal containers via magnetic key-swipe cards. Facility managers can review statistics online and bill tenants using the waste service with greater equity charging more to those who dump more waste. Baling and compacting systems pay for themselves in short time and are proven to reduce the cost of waste disposal providing companies with significant return on investment.

Elephant’s Foot team of waste management professionals provide systems, products and solutions customised to meet a company’s specific requirements. To schedule a consultation and to learn more about affordable solutions for sustainable waste management, visit Elephant’s Foot at elephantsfoot.com.au.

Contact detailsinfo@elephantsfoot.com.au
Phone– +61 2 9780 3500
Address: 44-46 Gibson Ave, Padstow, NSW 2211Australia

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