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Stamp Your Brand On A Recycling Solution

Posted on December 20th, 2012 by admin

Here’s a way to get your brand out in front of the community and show your environmental consciousness at the same time.  Companies are stepping up to ecological initiatives by implementing internal recycling solutions. Now you can have your company name, logo and colours stamped on the exterior of several types of recycling units. Turn a recycling bin into a promotional opportunity!

Branded Recycling Solutions

Green programs don’t just improve the environment; they improve your company’s image.  Organizations demonstrate their positive actions and reduce the waste they ship to landfills by implementing a recycling solution that also displays their company logo.  Place your logo on a recycling collection point demonstrates a positive action delivering a positive image to the public. What better way for a new customer to discover your business than to stumble upon your commitment to ecological improvement as they drive through the company car park?

Highly Visible Recycling Solutions

Chances are you currently aren’t taking advantage of free advertising space like that found in the company parking area or in the interior office space.  A recycling container positioned in the car park or portable recycling containers located in public areas in the building provide “free” advertising space that currently isn’t being put to use.

Think of all the areas where you can place recycling containers. You can put one in a reception area, allowing visitors to toss their soda cans while they are waiting for an appointment.  Taking a visible position for environmental consciousness is great for employee moral too.

Here’s another idea to capture the eye of people in your community. Sponsor a recycling solution in a nearby park or recreational area.  Look for charity events that attract a lot of attention and sponsor recycling containers. Then stamp your logo and company name on these containers.  Higher visibility for your environmental actions pays off with new awareness for your brand.

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