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Shrink-wrap recycling , the hidden jewel?

Posted on June 16th, 2011 by admin

 Recycling cardboard and paper is now an accepted practice with the majority of businesses across our nation so it’s a surprise that many businesses are still unaware of the value of shrink film – that is, the plastic pallet wrap which accompanies most deliveries these days.  Most waste bins can be seen bulging with this product due to its propensity to ‘re-oxygenate’ or puff up with air taking up valuable waste space and costing companies big dollars as they continue to pay high per metre waste rates.


Shrink-wrap, pallet-film or as it’s technically known, LDPE (Low density polyethylene) is coveted by recyclers due to its market value.  And the preferred method for collection by far is in baled form.  Volume LDPE producers will also attract a product rebate which not only provides a payback on their baling equipment but also promotes safe processing on site.  Reducing piles of shrink film into neat and tidy bales stored on pallets with the prospect of earning rebate on this product has to beat the alternative of continuing to pay to send this resource to landfill.


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