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No Outfit To Ragged for Our Rag Balers

Posted on November 13th, 2012 by admin

Sometimes it’s time to retire an old outfit.  Some clothing is fit to pack up and drop  off at the local consignment shop or community centre, but what do you do with the really, really worn-out stuff?  Turn it into a rag!  Have you ever wondered what happens to worn out rags?  Drop them in a rag baler of course!

It’s one thing to have a box full of worn out material and clothing at home to ship to the church or similar community service provider, but what if your business was recycling worn out rags and material?  The volume can be pretty impressive.  In fact, recycling material is a thriving industry and one more way to save our landfills from unnecessary waste.  Our rag balers are used for this process.

Rag balers’ design have been inspired by the original wool presses.  A wool press was originally designed to compress sheared wool into uniform size and weight bales for trading in the wool industry. One good idea led to another and textile manufacturers used wool presses or rag balers to bale clothing and linens for shipment to clothing outlets or to other countries.  Modern rag balers have a similar purpose, but they are also used in the recycling business.

Elephant’s Foot offers new and remanufactured textile baling equipment like rag balers for sale and for hire.  Basically, the rag baler is a vertical baler for clothing presses the material into bales of consistent size and weight.  A horizontal rag baler is used for baling smaller units of clothing, linens and rags.

Using rag baler to condense loose material into neatly compact and uniform sized bales is a great way to maximize use of freight space. Loose textile goods are hard to protect during shipment, but by using a rag baler from Elephant’s Foot these items can be easily shipped in standard sizes and weights thereby reducing the costs of shipping the products.

We offer some systems for customers to try before they buy.  Contact us or call 1800 025 073 to find out if this is a solution for your business.

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