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National Recycling Week – Recognizing Recycling As A National Effort

Posted on January 26th, 2013 by admin

National Recycling Week is an event initiated 15 years ago by Planet Ark, an advocate of recycling and promoting the use of alternative products.  The goal of National Recycling Week is to bring more awareness on the ways people can take action to reduce their impact on the environment.  The activities and themes focus on minimizing waste and managing material resources to reduce the impact on landfills.

National Recycling Week is a highly-regarded annual education and behaviour change campaign program. It promotes environmental benefits in improvements of Australia’s industrial and community recycling programs.

Naturally, we think this should be more than a week-long celebration!  Elephant Foot’s products and services are designed to help businesses live up to community promises for operating in a sustainable manner.  If you work for or own a company seeking new methods for reducing the sheer mass of rubbish generated by your processes, we can help.

Ask us about our free onsite recycling and waste analysis. This report recommends methods for reducing the waste sent to landfills, incorporating recycling into the company work flow and ways you can turn waste into a new income stream.  Instead of paying thousands for rubbish disposal you can turn it into revenue! Contact us today to learn more. 1800 025 073

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