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Implement Horizontal Balers & Qualify for Free Recycling Pickup

Posted on December 12th, 2012 by admin

Australian businesses which generate even modest amounts of recyclables can qualify for free recycling pickup services when using one of Elephant Foot’s horizontal baler systems.  Exporters, recycling service centres and large volume clients can drastically reduce their waste costs once they implement one of our high capacity horizontal balers.

A great example of a horizontal baler is the Elephant Foot HD 3.8 baler which is ideal for clients dealing with large volumes of bottles, cardboard, plastics, aluminium, foam or tires.  You will appreciate the way the HD smashes through tones of material reducing it to transportable units.  The HD 3.8 horizontal baler produces bales measuring approximately 1100cm high by 1100cm wide and x1700 cm long. This horizontal baler’s capacity is five tones per hour.

Curious, but not certain a horizontal baler is within your budget?

There are certain situations when a horizontal baler isn’t the best solution.  Therefore, we offer clients a complimentary assessment of their waste and recycling environment.  Once we understand the current situation we can recommend an appropriate solution for your business.  We’ve been improving waste management for Australian businesses for more than 3 decades.  Contact us or call today on 1800 025 073 to schedule a waste and recycling audit or to review recycling options for your business.

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