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Get Out From Under Stacks of Smelly Beer Bottles By Recycling Glass

Posted on January 11th, 2013 by admin

The beauty of recycling any product is that it means returning discarded materials to a new purpose.  Recycling glass is a perfect example where bottles, glass and jars are “rehabilitated” into a new use.  Recycling glass turns useless glass containers into new bottles and jars.

Before glass can be recycled it first must be collected.  Our Bottle Buster provides a great solution for any business wanting to get out from under stacks of empty beer, wine and soda bottles. Glass goes through a series of steps before recycling turns it into a new product.

First, the glass has to be collected before haulers can take the material to a recycling plant.  If you operate a restaurant or any facility that generates a lot of glass bottle waste, then consider installing a Bottle Buster on your facility to support glass recycling regaining precious storage space.

Benefits of using the Bottle Buster for your glass recycling efforts are realized immediately.  Our Bottle Buster system was designed especially for clubs, casinos, restaurants and hotels to help free up space generated by storing the bulky bottles.

The most obvious benefit is the space currently taken up by storing cases of beer or wine bottles is immediately freed up. Getting those bottles out the back office storage also means that the smell of stale beer, wine and beverages is removed, too.  The task of crushing the bottles can easily and safely be completed by one employee.  You’ll also appreciate how quietly the system crushes dozens of bottles in short order.

To learn more about recycling glass in your facility, contact us today for an onsite review and recommendation.  Call 1800 025 073.

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