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Australia’s National Waste Policy

Posted on March 22nd, 2013 by admin

The Australian Government has been involved with creating policy for waste management for years.  The first statement was in 1992 titled “National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development by the Council of Australian Governments.”  They have outlined 6 key areas in Australia’s National Waste Policy providing guidance and clarity for businesses and communities.

The six key areas that benefit from Australia’s National Waste Policy are:

  • Taking responsibility for reducing the environmental footprint of product and material consumption
  • Seeking out local technology and innovators who offer solutions for efficient and effective methods to repurpose waste resources
  • Pursuing sustainability to achieve broader environmental, social and economic benefits.
  • Reducing hazard and risk of waste handling and disposal
  • Increasing the capacity for local communities to manage waste and recover or reuse resources
  • Providing decision makers with meaningful, accurate and current national waste and resource recovery data so they can make informed decisions for waste management within their own communities

At Elephant’s Foot, our mission is to find ways to help communities embrace these areas of responsibility.  A prime example is the eDiverter system.  We invented the eDiverter specifically to help people living or working in large complexes to efficiently separate and store recyclable material from rubbish.

The eDiverter works in conjunction with an existing garbage chute and is installed in the basement area above the storage bins. There is a switch which controls the flow of rubbish and recyclable through the door in the basement.  The resident pushes the switch to control the direction of the waste: into the rubbish bin or into the recyclable bin.  This solution is so efficient and cost effective the Melbourne City Council incorporated the concept into their development and construction planning codes.

You can find Australia’s National Waste Policy and the National Waste Report at:



Does the eDiverter sound like a solution you need in your complex to support recycling?  Give us a call at 1800 025 073 or send and enquiry.

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