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A Primer On Lifters

Posted on October 4th, 2012 by admin

The standard forklift can go far beyond lifting loads on pallets through the use of forklift attachments. After you’ve bought a forklift for a specific job you’ll soon discover that the truck can handle a lot more tasks than you originally thought of.

Or, the requirements of your operation may change or increase and you need to make more demands on the truck. The fastest and least expensive way of making these adjustments is through the use of forklift attachments. Many of these are attachments to the truck’s forks enabling the forklift to do more than just lift standard pallet-loads.

Tipping skip or bin – This attachment is like a huge scoop that is attached to the forks. It is ideal for the quick removal of large quantities of debris and waste. They are available in a variety of styles: with or without lids; made of galvanized iron or stainless steel; with or without a side mesh; and in different overall heights.

Wheelie bin lifter – Waste containers on wheels known as “wheelie bins” can be easily lifted by a truck with this attachment. It hooks on to a wheelie bin and can lift it, rotate it, shake it or tip it.

Drum handler – A clamp or grip attached to the forks, this attachment is useful for lifting and moving round containers like drums. It is also available in a type that is attached to the carriage in place of the forks. Still another type is known as a “drum tine” and consists of concave cylindrical bars which are extensions of the forks and move a drum in a horizontal position.

The Elephants Foot Waste Compactors bin lifter is a welcome addition to any company looking to ensure the safe handling of wheelie bins lifters by their employees.  The design is appropriate as a standalone unit or portable.  Read more about these lifting and storage bins.

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