20 Litre
Drum Crusher

The 20 litre drum crusher is great for empty paint tins, oil filters, olive oil containers and general tins. It will reduce the containers to the size of a plate. This compactor is easy and safe to operate.

This unit can be fitted with various options including:

  • Key start operation
  • Outdoors weather cover to protect the compactor from the elements

Pneumatic drum crusher video (below) is suitable for mining operations. The pneumatic system can also be applied to other models on request including our 205 litre drum crusher.

  • Approx 30 ltr liquid drain base
  • Fully automatic operations
  • No installation required
  • Plug into a standard powerpoint
Machine SizeW700 x D700mm x H2500mm
Daily CapacityUp to 50 per hour
Loading DoorW600 x H700mm
Cycle Time30 secs


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